Cloning Hard Drive Again Please Help

  Solartopi 14:39 25 Sep 2007

Hi Folks,

I have a cloned hard drive and I wish to reclone it to bring it up to date with my main hard drive, do I have to Format it first before Cloning it again.

I have Acronis ver 9 which I can use.

Please advise.



  The Kestrel 15:35 25 Sep 2007

I assume your backup is on another hard drive, either internal or external. With Acronis you have two options, either to update your existing backup to match the present main hard drive, or produce a completely new back up. Either way you do not need to reformat your hard drive to do this.

  Solartopi 15:48 25 Sep 2007

The Kestrel,

My backup is on an External hard Drive. I want to clone this bigger Hard Drive again because I had it as Slave when Cloning & didn't change it to Master infact I disconnected it. it's still in my computer. Now since then a lot more has been added to my present Primary Master which is 40GB. The new one is 80GB so I'm going to make it the New Primary Master after Cloning again.



  Pamy 15:51 25 Sep 2007

Beware, Windows may see your new bigger drive as a new computer

  Quiet Life 16:14 25 Sep 2007

Windows is designed not to run on an external drive so that you will have problems if you are intending to make the external drive the master

  Solartopi 17:50 25 Sep 2007

Quiet Life,

SORRY!!! I should have mantioned in the start of my my Thread - no its a 80Gig Internal Hard Drive, it's in my computer already.

The External is 400Gig USB.


  Solartopi 17:55 25 Sep 2007


I have already Installed the bigger 80Gig Internal hard Drive & was accepted after Initialising it in Disk Management.

Thanks for the warning.

  norman47 17:57 25 Sep 2007

Acronis should format the drive before the clone, if worried just do a quick format on the 80Gb drive.

You must also be aware that your motherboard does not have the facility to boot from usb, so if you are keeping a clone just as an eventuality in case of a critical hard drive failure, you won't be able to clone of the 500Gb.

So when you clone that 40Gb, keep it safe as your primary back-up.

  norman47 17:58 25 Sep 2007

you won't be able to clone off the 500Gb.

  DieSse 18:31 25 Sep 2007

You just do the clone again, from the 40 to the 80 (I think that's how you mean you have them.)

Cloning totally replaces anything originally on the drive, you don't need to delete or reformat. Just clone.

Backup is different though.

  Solartopi 19:29 26 Sep 2007

Hello norman47,

Thanks Norman. "You must also be aware that your motherboard does not have the facility to boot from usb ... " I didn't know that. So why do we all Backup. Isn't it better to Clone once a week or Once a Month. No I never Clone to External Hard Drive. I have BounceBack backup software that came with my Seagate 400GB External Hard Drive

"So when you clone that 40Gb, keep it safe as your primary back-up". Yes, that's what I've done. I have not changed the jumper setting from the Primary Master 40GB. Of course, I can't Clone from a Bigger hard Drive to a Smaller Hard Drive.

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