cloning adsl modems

  barfly 00:25 16 Aug 2005

Hi all
I have just installed bt broadband with a speedtouch modem usb connection it works fine but i want to use a linksys modem and a linksys router instead hardwiring two desktops and using wireless on a laptop but here is the problem the software that came with the speedtouch bt item is linked to the modem and it will not work with the linksys but i am informed that if i CLONE the linksys then all will be well the question is how do i clone the linksys any ideas out there i will be pleased to receive some guidance

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 16:06 16 Aug 2005

Clone the linsky ?

Uninstall the bt modem and software then install
the linsky modem and software

  barfly 21:31 16 Aug 2005

thanks for the comments but i have tried the first one that is uninstalling the speedtouch and installing the linksis but the software is linked to the speedtouch and wont connect with the linksis on the second one using ipconfig/all in a command window will give me a physical address for the linksis and a physical address for the speedtouch,-is this the MAC address because it is the only one that seems to remain constant, the IP address and the DNS servers change each time i connect my problem is that i do not know how to clone the MAC address, there must be an answer somewhere

  barfly 10:36 20 Aug 2005

sorry to take so long to reply i have had to install a fire alarm system in the building in a hurry the model No of the modem is ADSL2MUE the router is WRT54G I hope this is what you require,

  barfly 22:51 28 Nov 2005

Hi All
sorry for taking so long to come back it turns out to be 1.the wrong router the one i had would not work with bt lines i had to have the other one ie.te combined modem and router and 2nd the numbscull who did the conversion to broadband had made a c**k up at the exchange then bt wanted £2k to change the contract from isdn to broadband. but the didnt get it

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