redeyenewby 12:02 04 Jan 2010

Hi All, I am having problems.
1. My computer sometimes fails to start
2. I get a number of "not responding" problems.
3. I can't restore to an earlier date.
I cloned my hard drive to an external drive then swopped dtives.
I currently have amain drive IDE, a 2nd drive (new, empty but fornatted and recognised), an external hard drive in a PATA/SATA enclosue and a 2nd external hard drive in a PATA enclosure.
I obvious;y have a mess so I would like to clone my programmes and OS (XP) to my 2nd internal hard drive and swop drives. Would the cloning copy the problems as well? Or do I have to go the hard way and reformat and reinstall. I've been looking at threads referring to Acronis and XXClone for information. When I tried to use Norton 360 backup it seened to stop at 410 progammes but the info above said it was running. When I tried Norton Help and Support it started loading but after a while when I clicked on it I got "not responding" and I had a dickens of a job closing it. You've probably all had that hppen to you! Where do I go from here? Thank you in anticipation. redeyenewby

  Graphicool1 13:19 04 Jan 2010

"Would the cloning copy the problems as well?"

In a word 'Yes' and in your case I would recommend a reformat and clean install. There is no quick fix for this pickle. Anything else you try would be just prolonging the inevitable.

  David4637 13:42 04 Jan 2010

I know this is "after the horse(s) have bolted", but in future use Acronis to clone or Acronis system image backup of the OS. I have use this s/w on my XP about 5 times in 7 years to get me out of an OS crash and it saves spending 3-4 days on putting ALL the lost settings back into Word etc etc, if you are forced to a reinstall. David

  redeyenewby 13:59 16 Jan 2010

Hi, Graphicool1 and Bavid4637, Feedback nerewith:- I have reformatted my HD (after removing all the "bits of hardware" I had installed in my PC - tesult! Touch wood, enerything is going fine. I have reinstalled some minor hardware and it's O.K. I am - very soon - going to reinstall my Radeon 1650 Video card. I'll let you know how I make out. Incidentally (this for David4637), I have used Acronis twice and it worked a dream. Thank you for your help. Over and out!

  Graphicool1 17:18 16 Jan 2010

Thanks for letting us know, toe's crossed it all runs smoothly for you ¦¬)

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