KJ823 09:06 18 Jun 2008

Hi there!

A friend whose PC is currently out of action has asked me for help and I am now having to ask you for help!

He had given me a CD [and assures me there is no issue with licenses etc as it is legit!]. He has left some instructions that say I first need to extract it then clone it and he is expecting me to give him a new CD when I have finished.

There are RAR files on the CD and I have found a free download for software that I can use to extract these RAR files and I am presuming I need to extract them to a folder on my hard drive. I can also find free software to use for cloning but it is here I am stuck.

I now have files on my hard drive [the extract RAR files] and files on the CD but I don’t know how to copy both to a single new CD. I have only ever copied files from my hard drive to a CD or copied an entire disc.

Sorry to be dense but I don’t understand cloning and my friend is working away the moment. I am hoping to have it done by the time he is back so I hope you can help!

If anyone is kind enough to answer I will pick the message up this evening.

  Technotiger 09:19 18 Jun 2008

Have not done it myself, so just using a bit of logic here - Add RAR files from hard-drive on to a CDRW disc, then copy files from CD onto the same CDRW. Once completed, you could then do a normal disc copy from the CDRW to a CDR. I think! Unless someone comes up with a better idea ....

  KJ823 08:17 19 Jun 2008

Thanks, have tried this but have not succeeded as yet. WIll have another go tonight!

  ^wave^ 08:49 19 Jun 2008

ok i think all that needs doing is to extract the files to a folder then copy those files to a cd

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