Cloned HDD boots but problems ~ Part 2

  Graphicool1 15:14 15 Jan 2011

Part 1...
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WinXP SP3 ~ EASEUS Todo Backup Home Freeware

I cloned my OS to a larger HDD it took 10 hours.
I then set the new disc as MASTER and booted.
Booting takes approximately 6 minutes!
The first bit ~ Black Screen White Writing ~ takes the usual amount of time. As does the Windows initiation screen, the little slot with the three coloured bricks moving from left to right. This is then followed by a...
'BLACK' screen, which stays like that for 30 seconds.
Then with the cursor for 8 seconds.
Followed by 'Windows is starting' for 23 seconds.
Then 'WELCOME' 25 seconds.
The 'Desktop' then appears, but I still have to wait another 3 minutes before I can actually do anything.

After this point it was megga slow, every time I clicked on a programme icon there would be a 20 - 30 second delay before the programme started. Even when the cursor moved accross the screen it was juddery and sticky. Programmes would do what they were supposed to do but were megga slow. The way I saw it was that the programmes were out of sync with the registry and were finding it difficult to find the path? I ran this bit of code...

regsvr32 /i shell32.dll

But it made no difference. So I ran...

sfc /scannow

This took an amazing 8 hours to complete and still made no difference? Then I ran 'Auslogic's Disc Defrag' It found thousands of clusters and took over an hour.

This probably sounds like a Nightmare that's turned into a Daydream. So why am I posting this? Because although once it has booted it run ok now, it could be better, but it's been worse. However it still takes 6 minutes to boot! Does anyone have any ideas, that don't require of me having to do another 10 hour clone?!

Oh and before someone suggests it, yes I did try to contact EASEUS, but they don't seem to support the free version. As they kept asking for my serial or registration number or some such thing that I don't possess. So I registered with their forum ~ I didn't receive a number ~ and left a message, that was on Tues 11 Jan. I'm still waiting for someone to answer!

  Graphicool1 16:11 15 Jan 2011

'sfc /scannow'
It wasn't this that took 8 hours. It was...


Set to...
'Automatically fix file system errors'
'Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors'

Although I did also run 'sfc' which did nothing.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:39 15 Jan 2011

Slow booting XP

Check your Antivirus & antispam is not set for / doing a boot scan

Defragment boot files
The boot defragment option is usually enabled by default, but it may be disabled, or not properly enabled. If it's not working, XP may boot really slow.
To enable it:
Start - Run type Regedit
Navigate to

find the string called Enable, if the value is set to N, change it to Y

Disable the Windows XP Prefetcher
Windows XP has a Prefetcher component, which shortens the amount of time it takes to start
Windows and programs. When trouble shooting either Windows or program start-up issues, it might
be helpful to disable the prefetcher, because it runs as a background service while other
applications are running or loading.

To disable the prefetcher:

Start the Registry Editor
Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ SessionManager \ Memory Management \ PrefetchParameters
Double-click the EnablePrefetcher value (remember the value that EnablePrefetcher is set to!)
Change the Value data to 0 to disable the prefetcher .
Close the registry editor and reboot the computer for the changes to take effect
When done troubleshooting, you can re-enable the prefetcher by changing the Value data to its
original value.

Values for EnablePrefetcher are:

0 - no prefetch
1 - prefetch applications only
2 - prefetch boot only
3 - prefetch both applications & boot (default)

It may also be useful to periodically clean up the prefetch folder, as it may contain obsolete
links. The Prefetch folder can be found in the Windows folder on your system drive. Select all
the files, and delete them. When done, reboot your computer. Or use the option in Ccleaner click here

Cleaner can also be used to stop programs from trying to run at boot

Boot vis is another tool that is supposed to improve boot times to an optimum of 30 secs from power switch to first program running. click here

  Graphicool1 17:06 15 Jan 2011

Thanx for responding, yes I was going to ask about 'Boot Vis' I downloaded and installed it before your reply. I haven't run it yet though, I was waiting to see what replies/suggestions I'd get first.

I'll check out your other suggestions first and see how they pan out before trying BootVis. Cheers I'll post an update.

  Graphicool1 16:41 16 Jan 2011

"Check your Antivirus & antispam is not set for / doing a boot scan"

They weren't and aren't.

"Defragment boot files" ~ Did that.

"Disable the Windows XP Prefetcher" ~ Did that.

"It may also be useful to periodically clean up the prefetch folder" ~ I already have CC and clean the prefetcher daily.


To install it, it made me uninstall...
'Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistrebutable'

The outcome of these changes were as follows...

It added 1 minute to boot time.
Once booted I had no icons on the desktop.
Then I had 'Icon Place Holders', eventually the icons returned.
But nothing worked properly, everything was slow and sticky and folders took ages to open.

I decided to do another Defrag and use the Optimiser. This proved to be a bad mistake, not only did it take over 6 hours to complete. It didn't actually complete...
It said it 'couldn't find the free space' of which there is 179GB?

At this point I decided to do a System Restore, to back before I started any of the above. After the restore I'm now back to a 6 minute boot. Although once booted everything is as it should be. The only thing that wasn't performing correctly was Incredimail, so I had to reinstall that and now everything is ok except for the 6 minute boot!

I think I should add that when I turn the PC off, it is ~ as ever ~ immeadiate. It say's "Windows is closing" and it does, there is no problem that end.

  robin_x 23:12 16 Jan 2011

No info since this afternoon? I'll stick my two penn'orth in again.

Even if slow, can you backup all data, photos, music, videos, favourites, bookmarks, emails etc
to one of your shine new disks.
(or you could use EASEUS again and make a system image.
Check the image Mounts in EASEUS and explore a few folders to make sure it is not corrupt. All your data will be in the mounted image.)

Then reinstall the system from a Recovery partition or set of Recovery CD/DVDs
(back to Factory settings) or your XP CD (if you have one)

If reinstalling from an XP CD, backup all your system drivers first using Driver Max click here;1

If you do not have a recovery partition, CD/DVDs, XP CD you could try making one from your slow to boot system then running your newly made CD to get repair options and see if it helps.

click here

click here

That's the limit of my expertise again, sorry.

  Graphicool1 12:44 17 Jan 2011

Nice to have you back on board, even if you're knowledge is limited. Actually all my...
'data, photos, music and art' are already on another disk. The cloned disk contains the OS and Programmes. The problem here is I am unable to back up some of the programmes. Because I obtained them when they were either free for a limited time or from giveaway-of-the-day. If I were to uninstall them I would lose them.

I ran a system scan with Reimage, this is what they said...
Estimated Hard Disk Drive speed: 1MB per second.
An average PC HD speed is 40-60MB.
Your speed is Very Low and is probably causing your PC to run very slowly. Your HD most likely contains bad sectors, which lead to data loss. A reimage repair will not fix this specific problem.

Nice of them to tell me, but no help there then. To be fair my system was already running slow before I did the clone. I thought that the reason it was running slow was because it was running out of disk space and putting it on a bigger disk would sort it. It seems I was wrong. I still have the original, so perhaps I should put that HD back in and clean the bad sectors, with hope that this will sort it so I can then reclone it?

  robin_x 13:04 17 Jan 2011

Certainly explains your 8-10 hrs etc operations

click here

CHKDSK is slow even on a working HDD. Some hours sometimes.

If you reclone, don't select sector by sector copy if offered the option. Or uncheck it if you see it.

  robin_x 13:20 17 Jan 2011

Irreplaceable software. Dunno which apps you are particularly worried about. I have been signed up to Giveaway of the day for some time and often try things out. I can't think of anything essential for which there was not a Freeware alternative.

I have kept my MS Office 2000 as I have migrated over the years. (not found a good alternative to Access). But I don't mess with databases any more and OpenOffice/Mozilla Thunderbird good enough for me now.

When you do get your puter working
click here is a great download site. (click Freeware Categories on home page).

  Graphicool1 19:15 17 Jan 2011

Sorry about the delayed response. I thought I'd let CCleaner Wipe Free Space. It said it would take 5 hours and started the countdown, while it was running I was unable to do anything else, too slow.

It just completed the 5 hours and immeadiately said that there was another 24 hours to run? I clicked on abort and it said it had only cleaned 2MB. If it could only clean 2MB in 5 hours then how was it going to clean 149GB in 24?

Actually I've already run CHKDSK it took 8 hours and made no difference.

You could be right about GAOTD, the trouble is because I'm a freeware junkie I have so many programmes installed I can't remember how and/or where I got them now. I don't want to find out the hard way that when they're gone they're gone!

When I cloned last time it was everything on the disk in one go. So what's the point of 'Sector By Sector' then?

  User-312386 20:31 17 Jan 2011

I have been looking at this thread, its either a bad clone. I use acronis and my 500GB drive takes about 35 minutes to clone and about 40 minutes to re-image.

I assume you expanded the volume to its full size after you cloned to the larger HDD?

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