cloned hard drive (XP) - what next?

  penhit 22:28 05 Oct 2012

help, please... I have installed a new hard drive in an old computer running xp. I've cloned the old hard drive onto the new hard drive and switched the BIOS so that it boots from the new drive. My question is: do I need to switch the letters for the drives (the old drive is partitioned into C &D and the new one is F&G), and if so how do I do it?. Should I disconnect the old drive, or should I switch the wiring on them? If I remove the old drive will the sytem automatically make the remaining drive into C&D Sorry if these are stupid questions, but I am venturing into unknown territory and any help appreciated.

  Nontek 22:36 05 Oct 2012

If it is a full clone as per Acronis, simply change the old and new drives over, then re-start PC - it should run as normal.

  Nontek 22:38 05 Oct 2012

You could re-format old drive to use as additional storage, probably best in a external USB caddy.

  penhit 22:38 05 Oct 2012

I used seagate disk wizard, which I think is a full cloning... When you say change them over - you mean physically switch the wiring? Thanks

  rdave13 22:39 05 Oct 2012

Remove the original HDD which you cloned. You do not have a boot manager hence Windows will assume a different letter to the cloned HDD. Once the original drive is removed and the cloned one connected to the motherboard, to where the original one was, then you should have no problems booting up.

  penhit 22:40 05 Oct 2012

I'm not quite ready to reformat the old drive until 100% sure that the new one is happy!!

  Nontek 22:40 05 Oct 2012

As rdave13 says, just remove old drive, and replace it with the new drive. Then restart PC.

  Nontek 22:42 05 Oct 2012

We don't mean switch the wiring - Switch the drives!

  penhit 22:42 05 Oct 2012

Thanks both - I will try that now.

  penhit 23:03 05 Oct 2012

I've disconnected the old drive and the new drive is now the C drive and boots up fine (faster than the old one). I'll reconnect the old drive and probably reformat it. Thanks for your help. I find PC Advisor Forum a fantastic resource.

  Nontek 23:23 05 Oct 2012

Great, thanks for your feedback.

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