Clone or Image transfer?

  Daibus 21:04 25 Nov 2005

This has probably been gone over before but if I transfer from my External HDD via USB2, a Clone or an Image that I've made with Acronis TI into another computer, would this be successful?

Apologies if this a bit of an old chestnut.

  Chegs ®™ 22:08 25 Nov 2005

Yes,but your likely to fall foul of XP Registration.The OS would probably boot but be missing the new system driver files.

  DieSse 02:12 26 Nov 2005

And if the computer was substantially different, you'll have problems with drivers for the variuos bits of hardware.

  Daibus 07:51 26 Nov 2005

Thanks guys for your replies but the reason I'm asking this question is that I'm in Spain and thinking of buying a Notebook and found what I think is a good deal. The OS XP Home is preloaded in Spanish obviously, and this morning it suddenly came into my mind that if I were to contact Microsoft and to tell them the situation (I would presume the computer would have a licence number) they may be able to do something for me with regards to letting me load the OS in English.

What do you think?

  Migwell 08:32 26 Nov 2005

Knowing greedy MS do you think they will pass up a chance of getting their hands on some more money for uncle bill?

  Stuartli 08:56 26 Nov 2005

Check first if you will be able to alter the language from Control Panel>Regional and Language Options.


Microsoft is more likely to prove very helpful in such a case than you suggest.

  Daibus 09:16 26 Nov 2005

Thank you - you give me some hope.

If I can't change the language via Control Panel etc.(and apparently it can't be done in XP Home)what is the correct number to contact Microsoft on, for this type of query?

As I said I am in Spain but I presume I could use a UK number.


  DieSse 10:39 26 Nov 2005

Some notebook suppliers in Spain will supply you with an English OS. It depends on the manufacturer mainly.

When I looked at suppliers a year or two back, some said they would supply me with several different language OSs. So ask around would be my advice.

Phone Dell Spain - I think they do that if my memory serves me well. There are lots of good deals around, so it may just pay you to look some more.

Yes, of course you can ring MS in the UK to ask about this - you'll also find if you ring their Spanish company, I can practically guarantee you'll find someone who can speak English (maybe all of them!!).

  DieSse 10:48 26 Nov 2005

This wholesaler click here won't sell to you - but they clearly supply OS in different languages - and no doubt will tell you who you could oredr from, for instance.

  DieSse 10:55 26 Nov 2005

PS - if you're on the Costa Blanca, visit the Costa Blanca Computer Club - and/or the Javea Computer Club - both are very helpful and have many knowledgeable professionals amongst their members. See the local papers for where/when (Costa Blanca News).

  Daibus 11:58 27 Nov 2005

Many thanks for your replies.

In fact my Desktop is Dell which I obtained via there Madrid office nearly 4 yrs ago now and all worked out very well plus as you say you can choose which language you require. I have looked at their Notebooks which I'm sure are very good and reliable but there seems to be, as you say, some good deals around. I've found in my local large store this Notebook itemised below - Asus A6U - and would very much like to know what you think of it. The price is €699 - about £485.

Sonido:Integrada AC'97
Procesador Microprocesador:AMD Sempron 3000 Memoria Caché:128KB
Memoria SDRAM:512 MB
Ampliable a:2048 MB
Almacenamiento Unidad Combo (DVD + DVD-RW) Capacidad Disco Duro:40 GB
Tarjeta Video Tarjeta de Vídeo:SIS Mirage TM 2 Graphics Embedded
Memoria de Vídeo: Hasta 128MB Compartidos Monitor Pantalla:15.4 Tipo:TFT
Resolución Máxima:1024 x 768
Número Máximo de Colores:16.7 millones Comunicación Fax / Módem 56K Integrado
Tarjeta de Red:Ethernet 10/100
Comunicación sin cables:IEEE 802.11b/g Interface Número de conectores USB:4
Batería Tipo de Batería:IonLitio
Dimensiones Tamaño:328 x 288 x 27-38mm
Peso: 3.5 Kg
It also has a video cam and microphone embedded in the lid.

One more question if I may - if I set it up and use it via a "wireless network" would the notebook work satisfactoraly to make calls, using Skype for example, and would there be any noticable delays in this set up as compared to using Skype in the normal way on my Desktop using a wired connection.

Cheers to you.

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