Clone DVD/CD - Virtual Drive Image

  redflash 16:51 10 Jan 2004

Inadvertantly I installed Clone Virtual Drive and subsequently partitioned my Hard Drives (I have 2) Since then I cannot remove the icon for this Virtual Drive. I have tried by deleting Clone CD and opted not to install the Vitual Drive (twice) but the icon remains. It is just annoying.
Any ideas how to remove please. I am running Windows XP Pro.

  QQAA 17:31 10 Jan 2004

Strange. I am puzzled as to when has CloneCD (or CloneDVD) added this feature into their capability.

I think you may have to amend your message contents (or provide more details) so that someone here might be able to understand your problems.

  redflash 22:17 10 Jan 2004

The version I installed of Clone CD was and this gives you the option of installing a Virtual drive.
Normally if installed by error this can be deleted by zapping and reinstalling the program opting not to install the drive.
Whether partitioning the hard drive has caused this not to be done I can only assume.
So I am still seeking help.

  tartanterror 22:32 10 Jan 2004

have you tried system restore redflash?

  tartanterror 22:44 10 Jan 2004

redflash failing system restore try
click here

  QQAA 05:19 11 Jan 2004

so that you can get rid of the orphan drive icon and all related entries after uninstalling your (assumed) CloneCD v4.2 from your system. This freeware registry cleaner click here should be powerful enough to carry out this job with minimal risk.

Now I do remember something, and redflash is probably spot-on in his expectation that you are using the CloneCD v4.2 which has the Virtual Drive feature. But they have discarded it in the newer v4.3 maybe because they realised this is not really their cup of tea. Their well-known strength is in copying difficult-to-duplicate CDs.

  redflash 17:03 11 Jan 2004

Have tried each of the suggested Registry Cleanup Tools mentioned but this 'phantom' drive icon persists.

  redflash 22:04 19 Jan 2004

Now resolved. It was done by going via
My Computer into 'Manage'

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