Clone disc and image backup basic questions

  thewasp 21:22 10 Sep 2007

I am running 2 hds, one with windows xp and programs, the other as a slave for file backups etc.

I have downloaded Seagate disc wizard and intend to backup my main drive including the operating system onto the slave.

What is the difference between cloning the disc and creating an image? I want to safeguard against hd failure.

The slave hd has plenty of room, what is a good free program to create a partition in which to store the backup?


  skidzy 21:47 10 Sep 2007

Cloning the drive will take a snapshot of everything that is on the drive,therefore enabling you to transfer the clone to another drive and away you go if the current drive fails.

Image your drive:
Well that depends on what you decide to image.
Basically it can work the same as cloning,but some only take an image of there files/docs pics etc for backup,though you can image the whole drive and possible recovery partition.

Never used the Seagate tools but have used Acronis that does basically the same thing.

Partition tools:

Partition Logic is free click here

Ranish partition manager is free also
click here

Most of the rest out there,need payment.

  Taff™ 03:45 11 Sep 2007

"Never used the Seagate tools but have used Acronis that does basically the same thing"

I think it is the same thing click here :o)

  thewasp 04:25 11 Sep 2007


As far as I know the Seagate disc Wizard is limited to Seagate and Maxtor drives and has a few functions disabled over Acronis True Image.

For most people like myself should be fine though.

  [email protected] 06:17 11 Sep 2007

I use the seagate disc wizard,as my external drive is a seagate.
I opted for the clone drive,which i had to use last week to restore.

  Simsy 09:50 11 Sep 2007

That "cloning the drive" is making an image of the complete drive..

"making an image" is, in the context of your question, making an image of just a single partition. (In fact, depending on the software, a single image may consist of more than one partition)

If the drive consists of just one partition then there is no difference between the two.

Hope this helps,



  thewasp 12:14 11 Sep 2007

Does the image take up roughly the same space as the drive you are backing up?

In the event of a hd failure would you be able to restore everything to a new hd with an image?

This would be preferable as I don't have an external drive.

  Ancient Learner 14:09 11 Sep 2007

Does the image take up roughly the same space as the drive you are backing up?
Short answer is No.
In an Image only the used part of the partition is used, ie.not the empty part, furthermore, using the standard compression reduces it more.

On this Laptop, my 'C' drive is 14.6Gb with 9.54 Gb used, and the image of this is 3.94Gb.

Hope that this helps.

  thewasp 15:47 11 Sep 2007

I presume you would need to make a bootable disc from another pc so that the backup image can be installed onto a new hd.

  Quiet Life 16:14 11 Sep 2007

Using xxclone which is free click here I clone C drive to a partition on second harddrive. You have the option to make it bootable which I do and then you can boot to the second drive and check that everything is working which gives you peace of mind. I have had to clone back to C and it works perfectly. You cannot do incremental back ups on the free version but I only wanted to back up operating system and programs.
I once backed up using Acronis and an image file but when I needed to restore Acronis let me down.
Later versions of Acronis put the fault right.

  Stuartli 16:20 11 Sep 2007

This free backup utility from a well respected lady may help:

click here

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