clocking it up

  professor 01:50 18 Mar 2003

hey all

need to hear some opinions. i recently over clocked my athlon to 1.6ghz(up from 1.5)the reason is that i belive the system is more balenced all-round as it was 1541mhz now up to 1552.50mhz-not a big difference but seems and feels more balenced.

what do u lot think?


  DieSse 02:07 18 Mar 2003

Well if you want an honest opinion, I think you're trying to see things that are not there - sorry if that sounds a bit blunt - but you did ask.

  AndySD 06:22 18 Mar 2003

Well I've been trying it out Virtually for almost 5 hours now and it seems fine.. ;-))

Well anyway enough frivoloty... If you are happy with it and its not overheating then enjoy it overclocked.

  professor 11:03 18 Mar 2003

if anyone wants to overclock a CPU I reccommend you increase just the system bus you can increase other factors like DRAM speed AGP speed PCI speed and change voltages etc. but I wouldnt as by doing that you will certainly shorten the life of everything inside ur PC.

oh and for any non-belivers of the superiority of Athlon over Pentium read this!

Mr. Athlon stats:

Mr Pentium Stats:

-as you can see mr pentium gets his arse chomped upon by mr Athlon :-)

as to pentium bing better at games, i found it to be totally faulse.

I ran unreal2 800x600 in 32bit colour and athlon had the same quality in-game as pentium but the only difference was athlon handled it much better when things started kicking off, eg.gunfire,rocket fire,lots of land&enemies etc.


  polmar 11:14 18 Mar 2003

Athlons do not like being Underclocked - Probably the most common ptroblem. So overclocking your Athlon very slightly (less than 10%) is really no issue and quite a good idea

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