chrissy1 20:20 22 May 2009

on xp3 home edition.....just lately everytime i log on the clock is a good hour or more out of time....keep correcting the clock...but still out the next time i log on....

  citadel 21:17 22 May 2009

it could be the motherboard battery needs changing, there is a number written on it, its like a small round watch battery, you can get them at supermarkets, jewellers etc.

  birdface 07:58 23 May 2009

Make sure you have it set to Greenwich mean time.

If so and still loosing time Like citadel says you will need a new battery on your motherboard.
Usually about £3.

  BT 08:09 23 May 2009

Or about 80p if you buy 2 from
click here

  chrissy1 15:25 23 May 2009

went back into the clock...made sure set right then internet time and updated....seems to be ok now...but will keep in mind about the battery....thanks all

  gazzaho 03:36 24 May 2009

If it turns out to be the CMOS battery on the motherboard that is at fault, I would recommend going into the BIOS and either taking pictures of all the different screens with a camera or writing all the information down before changing the battery.

It may be a good idea to record the BIOS settings anyway as a reference in the event of the battery expiring, I have a record of my BIOS taken with a camera phone stored on a USB pen drive.

Once the battery is removed all settings stored in the BIOS will be lost and return to default settings. This may be fine if your computer is working on default settings, but if some settings have been changed, one instance would be if the computer is overclocked, or perhaps in order to get hardware to work properly, then the hardware may not work after the battery change until those settings are restored.

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