Clip Art Invisible in Publisher!

  [email protected] 13:20 24 May 2006

I am working on a school fete programme in Publisher. I have imported some clip art (from Microsoft Office On-line, which show clearly now in my clip art selection box. Choosing the clip art, puts a transparent box on the screen, with the ability to rotate or resize it as normal. Looking at the page in Print Preview the clip Art is visible. Obvioulsy it is not easy to work on a piece where the inserts are invisible! Can anybody help please?

  [email protected] 13:30 24 May 2006

PS I looked under the view tab and selected the middle option for viewing pictures!

  ghm101 13:31 24 May 2006


From looking at Publisher 2003...

Publisher has a setting that controls how it handles images, This could well be your problem, check out:

Select the "View" drop down menu
Select the "Pictures" option
Select Detailed Display

You should then be good to go.

These settings are here to make design on low spec PCs workable. Without changing your file it should print in full glory.

  [email protected] 13:40 24 May 2006

Well here's the strange thing, I had already done that but, if I select the option to not show pics, the box on the screen has a dotted cross through it, if I select either full detail or the fast option, the box remains empty but no dotted cross through it! Also to the left of the word Picture in the drop down view menu, I do not get a tick, regardless of which picture option I have chosen. any more ideas? I'm going to see if this applies to all clip art or just the imported ones !

  [email protected] 13:44 24 May 2006

It isn't showing pictures from file either. I am going to try the old favourite of rebooting the machine :)

  ghm101 13:47 24 May 2006

Might be worth going to the picture properties and clicking "Reset" to restore the pic to the original state.

  pj123 13:49 24 May 2006

Are you using "Insert, Clip Art"?

I don't normally use that. All my Clip Art/Pictures/Photo's are saved in separate folders and I use Insert, From File and don't have any problems.

Give it a try.

  ghm101 13:57 24 May 2006

In my very brief test above I used insert clip art

  [email protected] 14:53 24 May 2006

Where do i reset the pic properties?
it doesn't matter how I insert the file, or if it is clip art or a pic from file, it is just a transparent empty box on the screen!!

  [email protected] 14:54 24 May 2006

PS On my laptop all is fine and dandy it is the PC playing up. Perhaps I need to reload publisher upstairs!

  ghm101 15:04 24 May 2006

Reset Pic

Click on image so it has focus
Right Click
Select Format Picture
Select Picture Tab
Click Reset.

Seeing that your LT is OK and your PC is not.

Go through a side by side comparison of options and see if you can find the differenct.

Otherwise just get it done on your LT (it should still print ok from the PC)

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