'clicking' sound from speakers

  caris 01:03 05 Jan 2006

Until recently my sound was fine. Then just before the holidays my speakers kept producing this clicking noise.

I checked DirectX and Device Manager and everything is in order. No problems.

So, as my speakers were several years old I bought some new ones and installed them.

I'm afraid the clicking noise is still with me.

Your help would be appreciated.

Thank you

Regards ~ C

  Skyver 01:07 05 Jan 2006

Does your PC use a soundcard or built-in audio?

  caris 01:11 05 Jan 2006

Hi Skyver ~

it is onboard sound, Realtek High Definition Audio.

Just this pc last summer. I've wondered about taking my Creative Soundblaster Audigy from my original pc and installing it in this one.

  Skyver 01:14 05 Jan 2006

Is the ticking regular, same/differing volume, or random?
Is it worse when you play games or the PC is shifting lots of graphics?

  caris 01:19 05 Jan 2006

Iit has a regular pattern. Tick tick tick stop ticj tick tick... like a mantra it is.

It sometimes slows games down... to the exact rhythm.

Can't understand it.

Would putting a soundcard in be better. (Erm.. not as in giving me clearer tick ticks!!!!)

Sorry for my lack of techno terminology.;-)

  Skyver 01:23 05 Jan 2006

Well it wouldn't neccessarily solve the problem - can you switch off the on board audio in BIOS and see if you still get the ticks?

  caris 01:25 05 Jan 2006

I'll see if I can do that now. Thanks.

  caris 01:43 05 Jan 2006

Keyboard 'f' keys not responding. They probably are set up differently.

I will have to wait until tomorrow to get another keyboard stored at a friend's house.

It's also where my original pc is stored!

I had intended to remove some hardware from that to use in this machine.

Keep up with the ideas though please as I do appreciate the kindness and help being offered.

  Skyver 01:49 05 Jan 2006

It's not a multi-media keyboard is it? My Microsoft job has an F-lock key to activate the function keys, you may need to press that first.
Not much more I can suggest, suffice to say that when I had a problem with crackling audio on my current motherboard with built in sound, it turned out to be the graphics card fan failing - the power socket for it was surrounded by circuitry going to the audio sockets, removing the fan solved the problem. If the noise is still there with the audio switched off in the BIOS it's electrical interference rather than a driver/software problem. Check for audio cables wrapped round mains cables behind the PC too.

  caris 01:53 05 Jan 2006

yes, it is ms multi-media keyboard. would you know the key I need?

  Skyver 01:58 05 Jan 2006

Top right, F-Lock (to the left of the small button marked Calculator, above Numlock), assuming it's the same model.
click here

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