Clicking noise from PC

  AlexPB 15:14 17 Sep 2007

Hi all,

I have a very fast kind of clicking noise comi ng from inside my PC. Im going to take the case off tonight when im home and listen but i was just wondering if anybody on here knew what it could be. Its almost as if its the hard drive strugling or somethinglike that.

Any suggestions apprechiated


  brundle 15:18 17 Sep 2007

Check HD with manufacturer's diagnostics; click here

  amonra 15:27 17 Sep 2007

When you have the side off, check that none of the leads are touching a fan. Sometimes the bunches of wires sag and get a bit too close to cooling fans.

  AlexPB 15:33 17 Sep 2007

Nono its not the wires touching the fans, its a very fast clicking(like) noise. It sounds like a hard drive thats struggling or making some form of noise. Is it possible that the hard drive could be struggling or something similar?


  Marko797 15:37 17 Sep 2007

Alex, I had this some months ago, and (not wishing to be alarmist) the bad news is I had to replace my HDD. The noise (to me) sounded like a metronome ticking...very fast. It wasn't there al the time though. I took off the side cover, & found the HDD became very hot. The machine would unpredictably crash at times also. Other times it would just lock up, then after a while much 'gurgling' could be heard from the HDD.
Luckily it was under warranty (Mesh, funnily enough) & they replaced it. No problems since.
If I were u, I'd back it up if u suspect the HDD is about to fail.

  AlexPB 15:40 17 Sep 2007

Thanks, thats exactly what mine is doing it will crash from time to time just out of the blue and it is sometimes slower at loading things than it used to be. So i will take your advise and buy a new hard drive. Id like a bigger on while im at it. Does anybody know if 7200 rpm is the highest you can get?


  Marko797 15:44 17 Sep 2007

I think 7200 rpm is standard, isn't it? Not sure what ur set up is, but if it's IDE HDD ur after then these seem scarce at the likes of PCW. If it's SATA then us shud be ok.

  brundle 15:49 17 Sep 2007

10000 rpm for some drives, but speed differences are not noticeable in day to day usage - cache size usually makes more difference. No lack of available IDE drives; click here

  keef66 16:30 17 Sep 2007

Yes, 7,200 rpm is your standard, everyday HDD speed.
10,000 rpm HDD's are available, eg WD Raptors, and they are favoured by some avid gamers who feel they benefit from the slight speed advantage.
They are pretty expensive though, and if it's lots of storage you're after, any 7,200 HDD would be much better value for money.

As Brundle says, check the cache size when comapring disks / prices.

Also make sure you get the same connector as your existing disk (likely IDE if its a few years old, or SATA if it's a recent purchase)

Fit your new disk as slave, then clone the old disk to the new one. The HDD manufacturer will have software you can download to do this, or you may get it on disk if you buy a retail HDD. Alternatively you could use something like Acronis TrueImage.

Once cloned, remove the old disk, fit the new one as master, and off you go!

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