Clicking noise from hard drive

  alcudia 08:34 04 Dec 2003

I have recently replaced my faulty hard drive with a Seagate Barracuda 120Gb. Now about two minutes after the machine has fully booted up the machine issues just one distinct click. This seems to be coming from the drive, but it is difficult to be sure. It only does it the once, but it happens every time after I start the machine. I do not seem to have any problems at all using the drive.

Could this be a characteristic of the drive or should I investigate further.

Grateful for any thoughts on this.

  Stuartli 09:06 04 Dec 2003

Any strange noises from an HDD is not something to ignore....:-)

More often than not it signals it will eventually expire, so a rapid backup is essential.

It could be that, despite the fact it's new, it's been knocked or dropped before it reached you.

Could be worth seeking a replacement under warranty.

Sorry to sound so pessimistic but having had an HDD expire on me a couple of months ago (the first time I've suffered in this way even though I've owned around eight or nine over the years) I'm inclined to take the safety route.

To that end I acquired a Western Digital with the model number ending in JB, which provides a three rathr than one year warranty.

However, WD has changed this system a little as some of the JB models don't have the three year cover, whilst adding PB to the lineup.

If you check on, say, Scan's hard drives page at:

click here

you'll find out which WD drives have the extended benefit.

  Stuartli 09:07 04 Dec 2003

Benq's hardware also seems to be rebadged in most cases - some of the reviews of its products, such as digital cameras, have not exactly been setting the world alight....

  Hyperangelic 09:18 04 Dec 2003

I'd definitely do a full backup asap, just for peace of mind.

And try giving Seagate a call - they can tell you whether it's normal, and if they say to keep going, make sure they log your issue and give you a reference number so that if it does go pop at a later date, you can prove that you asked them about it.

  alcudia 09:26 04 Dec 2003

Thanks for your thoughts. As I had some warning of the previous drive going down I was able to back everything up, and of course still have this safely stored. So if the new one did go belly up I will be ok. The nuisance of course is having to put everything back on another new one, especially Windows update as I'm stuck on a dialup at home (until Feb yipee).

The drive has a three year warranty so I think I will go with it for a while and save on this considerable task which I don't fancy doing again right now. Just have to make sure I keep copies of eanything new. (It took me three weeks to get the machine back as it was)

In the meantime perhaps someone will say "all new Seagate drives do this" But I doubt it.

  alcudia 09:29 04 Dec 2003

Good Idea. I'll have a look on their website.

By the way the old drive was a Seagate which they have offerred to exchange. I'm just a bit unsure about this though as it contained some Client detail which could be sensative.

  Stuartli 09:36 04 Dec 2003

You can always wipe your old drive...:-)

Also, if I remember rightly, you can get WindowsUpdates on a free CD-ROM from Microsoft by ordering online at its website.

  alcudia 09:47 04 Dec 2003

Tried that. Won't format. Says there is no FAT.
Tried fdisk, keeps getting to 100% and restarting. After six times I switched off. So probably is wiped already. Just depends how deep Seagate would go if they decided to check it.
I've got a low level format utility from their web site which I will run over Xmas here at work as there is a spare machine which is never going to be used again, as I understand these can take a very loooong time.

Thanks for your help.

  christmascracker 10:19 04 Dec 2003

Have you tried the drive tests at

click here

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