Clicking on "Links"

  hssutton 08:49 08 Jun 2006

In a photo forum I use we can use clickable links, but one member refuses to use them, and gives the following reasons. Your expert/opinons would be very much appreciated/

"In my humble opinion only a fool would open a link from a complete stranger. Me I would make a note of the site then allow my security software to scan it before I opened it ie http:// hackers are us..... do you get the point"

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:51 08 Jun 2006

Paranoia ++++++ and a lack of understanding how viruses etc. work.


  Graham ® 09:04 08 Jun 2006

It is possible to post a link that would take you to a risky site, especially one ending in 'ru'. But your protection systems should spring into action to prevent damage.

I don't see how the member proposes to scan it without visiting the site.

  VoG II 09:06 08 Jun 2006
  Graham ® 09:32 08 Jun 2006

Thanks, I'm giving that a try.

  tony58 09:38 08 Jun 2006

a free mcafee

  hssutton 09:42 08 Jun 2006

Thanks for the link Vog, will certainly download it.

But another question is it possibe to scan a link without actually visiting the site using your normal AV such as Zone Alarm?

  Graham ® 10:57 08 Jun 2006

If you right click on the link and 'Save target as' you can scan it with AVG. But I don't think it is scanning the site, only the link!

  Coff 16:17 08 Jun 2006

You can scan a link with the Dr.Web plugin click here The results are usually in Russian but you will get the idea. It seems to scan for malicious scripts and is very quick but I have no idea how effective it is. (The plugin won't conflict with your existing anti virus.)

(For anyone using Opera, you can add SiteAdvisor to the right click menu by adding a line to the standard menu .ini file. Using this method, you can right click a link, choose SiteAdvisor, and the SiteAdvisor page about the link will open up. This means you get the information before opening the link. The line to add to the bottom of the "Link Popup Menu" in the standard menu .ini file is as follows, include the quotes :)

"SiteAdvisor" = copy link & go to page, "click here"

  Coff 16:22 08 Jun 2006

Here is the line again, just add p after htt.

"SiteAdvisor" = copy link & go to page, "htt://click here"

  Coff 16:25 08 Jun 2006

I'm only having one more go at this, chuckle, just add p after htt and then www. after //

"SiteAdvisor" = copy link & go to page, "htt://"

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