standard8 17:46 02 Nov 2008

I notice on forums such as this one,click here in a different colour appears to be directed to another website.Can anyone tell me how to do this?My OS is Vista Home Premium.

  Technotiger 17:47 02 Nov 2008

Can't be done individually, it is part of the PCA site.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:05 02 Nov 2008

If you are replying all you need to do is copy and paste or type a web address and when you post it will appear as a 'click here'.


  Technotiger 18:30 02 Nov 2008

Hi, I seem to have miss-read the question :-)

Silly me!

  standard8 19:04 02 Nov 2008

Thanks for the answers.I'll need to try it sometime.I assume that if I'm sending an e-mail to someone,I'll not be able to do a "click here".

  Technotiger 19:08 02 Nov 2008

Yes, you should be able to do it in emails also - within the body of the email simply type the full URL and it will arrive as a click here.

  Technotiger 19:10 02 Nov 2008

Or rather - not exactly as a 'click here' but as a proper normal coloured link, to be clicked on.

  Sea Urchin 19:15 02 Nov 2008

But if you want to type "Click Here" in an email do so, and then in Outlook Express for instance highlight the words you've typed then Insert/Hyperlink/ and type in URL and OK. It will then arrive as Click Here

  standard8 20:44 02 Nov 2008

Thanks everyone for all your help.I've just tried it out on BT Yahoo Mail and it works.GREAT!

  Technotiger 20:49 02 Nov 2008

Grreat, thanks for your feedback.

Don't forget the Green-tick Resolved ...


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