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  Daiol 08:28 03 Aug 2009

click here
Just bought one of above,Now has anybody got one that can assist me.I did a full backup and yes it took a while to do the full backup as stated on the box,But i noticed that it does a backup of everything including program files etc,I thought that the main backup would be my documents my pictures outlook express.Do i really need a backup of programs etc or will my documents my pictures outlook express etc be sufficient.Hoping someone can help me out here.Many thanks daiol.

  T I M B O 09:50 03 Aug 2009

As you can appriciate it's difficult to advise as i am not there to see what you have. To pick and choose what you wish to backup, you can use this software & it's free >> click here

Best of luck!!

  Diemmess 11:53 03 Aug 2009

If you have bought this.... click here it seems to be as automatic as it gets.

It may be a mite specialised for your purpose.

I'm only guessing, but I think it will make a full copy of your drive whenever you use it.
Unfortunately, I can't see any sign that it will make a bootable copy of your operating system, in the way that some software does.
So while it will make a safe backup for all your data possibly won't help if Windows becomes corrupt or inaccessible.

  Daiol 13:25 03 Aug 2009

Thanks both for your interest,What i'm thinking the main factor of a backup is all your documents photos emails favorites etc.If the windows crash of what ever i do have a windows disc for reinstalling then i have all my docs emails safe on this clickfree ready to transfer incase of an emergency.Now what i'm thinking of all the other stuff that it bachs up,am i correct in thinking that the documents emails etc are the vital things to backup.daiol.

  Diemmess 16:11 03 Aug 2009

Yes, your hardware can now make safer copies of all your work.

My way has been plodding and until I discovered this forum, largely self taught.

A sticky patch early on with Windows 98 made re installation almost a routine until someone mentioned "scanreg /restore".

This meant early recognition that for me, it was best to have a partition for OS and as little else as possible on one drive. All the rest on another drive.

I spent folding money on HyperOs software to allow easier restoration, until I tried Acronis and found it did everything I wanted faster and better.

So now I make a clone of the OS drive (Acronis) and also use a freebie (EZBackitup) to copy selected data to somewhere, usually an External HD.

Not everyone would agree with the way I do things, it depends on what suits the operator.

  Daiol 16:20 03 Aug 2009

Diemmess.Would you say that my thoghts in my question are a fair comment.Do you think that i'm on the correct track to succes with this clickfree.I may sound a bit odd maybe to some of you reading my post i'm not really just thinking of an easy solution for this damn clickfree.Thanks all for listening.daiol.

  Diemmess 16:35 03 Aug 2009

There's nothing odd about your choice, though your phrase "i'm not really just thinking of an easy solution for this damn clickfree" is a little curious.
I assume you are happy with the device?
As T I M B O said, its not easy to make recommendations unless we know a lot more about it.

From what I could learn from the maker's website,it seems the Clickfree system takes selection away from you and you have to back up everything on the drive.

  Daiol 17:29 03 Aug 2009

Hi Diemmess,Sorry about mixup with my phrase What i should have typed was "i'm really just thinking of an easy solution for this damn clickfree" is a little curious.Maybe the 'damn' just slipped in for no reason.Sorry if i souned a bit offish i wasn't though.daio.

  alB 17:38 03 Aug 2009

Clickfree is only supposed to back up the content of your PC and not the operating system or program files (unless you tell it to), could you have altered the settings in some way? Page 8 and 9 of this PDF explains all ...alB
click here

  Daiol 18:04 03 Aug 2009

alB,Thanks for reply i understand the page 8 & 9 of the pdf pages.But this is the way i looked at it,When i fist had it plugged into usb and it started up and 'yes' it took a long time to do the search and backup, but then the second and third etc it would also take a long time.I was under the impression that the initial backup would take a long time and then the second and so on would only check for extra documents or photos etc,but over the time iv'e had this the 160gb hdd was nearly full as you can see by my fisrt post my documents were only 48gb so all the remaining went on to program files etc,or what ever it found i dont think that it should have got to nearly full capacity in the time that iv'e had it.I now got it set to backup all my docs photos emails favorites etc,none of program files am i doing the correct thing??.daiol.

  Diemmess 18:16 03 Aug 2009

"I now got it set to backup all my docs photos emails favorites etc,none of program files am i doing the correct thing?"

Yes, if the process overwrites each new backup on the last.
In fact you can (if you wish) delete anything which has no particular value from earlier backups.

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