Click here.

  smegs 01:03 20 Jan 2003
  smegs 01:03 20 Jan 2003

I have been told off by Pc advisor for replying to a subject with a web page address. I have noticed that on some subjects, people have put "CLICK HERE" and it takes you to a web page. Could someone tell me how to do a "Click here" please....

  powerless 01:05 20 Jan 2003

http: //click here

Copy the web addrees, i've put a space there to show...

Without the space click here

  powerless 01:06 20 Jan 2003

When you copy and paste it will lokk like this http :// click here.

i've put spaces in just to show you.

The site converts it to a "click here"

  powerless 01:07 20 Jan 2003

Its late i'm tired...

Just copy and paste the website in the message box.

Th site will do the rest...

  Cordy13 01:08 20 Jan 2003

You'll still get 'told off' if you put a dodgy 'click here'!

  smegs 01:09 20 Jan 2003

Thanks very much Powerless. I will give it a go.

  smegs 01:10 20 Jan 2003

Cordy13, What do U call a dodgy site? By the way, it wasn't a dodgy site I posted.

  Cordy13 01:15 20 Jan 2003

I have no idea, pr0n sites would be classed as dodgy. Why they 'told you off', who knows?

  smegs 01:20 20 Jan 2003

Cordy13. It was someone called Peter Thomas, Forum Editor. They proberly have something to check every response.

Powerless. I have tried what U have said. I can copy, but not paste into the response box.

  wawadave 04:26 20 Jan 2003

have you got copy paste enabled on your computer?

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