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  swanny2 13:18 11 Oct 2005

Hi there.
The problem i have recently, is when i open up me I.E and go too a link ,when i click on it too open it takes a while for it open,then all i Hear is Click click click then it opens the pge,
Is this normal as its seems to be Clicking a lot .lol in the Background b4 a page opens where i want it.
if u know what i mean .like when im typing this page now i can here it click click in background for no reason ? hmm
any help please . confused.
Swanny :O)

  p;3 21:39 11 Oct 2005

it might be helpful to know your windows version and whether you are on dial up or Broadband; and for how long this has been happening; and how old (or new) is the machine you are using?

  Kev.Ifty 21:49 11 Oct 2005

I wonder if it is the sound of pop ups being blocked?

They are trying to open and are being stopped by your pop up blocker.

Run the usual, Ad-aware etc..


  p;3 22:22 11 Oct 2005

which is a point; what protection programs do you have on there, or a firewall ; and do you have the google toolbar?

more basic info and feedback would be useful please:)

  007al 23:13 11 Oct 2005

also,pages that refresh themselves will click.the delay when you click on I.E could be your AV or anti spyware working in real time

  p;3 23:56 11 Oct 2005

what do you mean by "go to a link"?

  swanny2 09:34 12 Oct 2005

hi again ty all for replys
Im running windows Me ans im on Broadband 1mb.
Ive got Sygate firewall ive just started using.
When i start up i load Sygate,then i press Alt/ctrl/delete too see whats running i have Winmgnt,Msnappau ,no idea what they are... also the Systrayan Explorer , which i know you need running, i think.
Then i get SMC not responding?witch i delete.But whenever i go too click on a Link too open a window etc it takes ages too load the page ,me pc has gone real slow.Ithink this has gone a bit worse since i got Sygate,did have zonealarm free trial .not sure if it is Sygate thats causing it ,but its not helped Much.
tx all any help appreciated.
thanks .
Swanny :O)

  swanny2 10:16 12 Oct 2005

When ive loaded Sygate , and then open it. i go too Applications in there when i click on that it shows the applications ,then when i close it an go too Alt/ctrl/Delete i see SMC not responding,then Sygate coses down. om start up of Sygate all thats running is Explorer.Msn Updater? and win32 Kernel core .co? whatever that is . Confused here.
tx .
Swanny :O)

  p;3 10:39 12 Oct 2005

so; did this clicking only start after you began using spygate?

  swanny2 15:30 12 Oct 2005

when i start up my firewall Sygate it goes in the systry now when i got too ctrl/alt/delt it says Smc not responding,so i close that down, then when i point me mouse at Sygate in the tray it Dissapears.
Does this mean my firewall isnt running/. plus all the time when ive opened a window it seems too be busy all the time .click click click . :O(
Really annoying now as its so slow ,took me 20 mins write this as me window keeps freezing for a while b4 i can carry on .
ty all .
Swanny . :O)

  Skills 15:56 12 Oct 2005

This page here should turn off the clicking sound I had the same thing and its worked for me click here

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