Clevo D47EV - no screen now

  ukrv 21:02 08 Jul 2007


I have a Clevo D47EV which I purchased in August 2005.

Whilst in the USA in March 06 the screen died and I managed to upgrade the warranty to get it fixed.

Unfortunately, today the following happened :-

I was typing away when I got (I think it was) 5 bleeps from the laptop followed by a screen flicker. The screen then went dead.

I turned the machine off and back on again and it tries to start - but nothing on screen (not even faint).

I closed the lid and left it 15 minutes and tried again - the boot sequence started and I pressed F2 (to take notes on BIOS settings etc), but the laptop froze when it got into BIOS area - so I had to turn it off.

I left it a while and tried again - but this time it froze immediately after pressing F2 key.

Since then I have tried a few times, and whilst you can hear stuff happening, the screen remains black.

Any ideas please ?


  Totally-braindead 21:15 08 Jul 2007

I assume this is a laptop - yes?

If so does it have any connections for an external monitor? If so you could try that and see if you get any display.

It sounds to me like you have had some sort of hardware failure but without seeing anything its impossible to tell, it could be something as simple as a poor connection to the built in screen but it could equally be something else.

  ukrv 21:24 08 Jul 2007


Yes, it is a laptop - sorry I wasnt clear.

What is the best way to connect another (laptop) monitor?

I have just tried it again and it has started the "dos routine" but just sticks there.

In case it matters (and whilst I can see it) it has:-

PheonixBIOS 4.0 Release 6.0
BIOS Revision 1.09
KBC/EC Revision 1.00.07

Intel Pentium 4 3.00Ghz
639K System RAM Passed
2054M Extended RAM PAssed
512K Cache SRAM Passed

Press <F2> to enter SETUP

And, as I say, it just hangs at that point (asuming it gets that far and not just totally blank).


  skidzy 21:25 08 Jul 2007

As this is a laptop,diagnosis is going to be a bit difficult.

Couple of other things to try,remove the ram and reseat firmly.Remove the harddrive and replace firmly.

Have you tried running from the mains alone and then the just off the battery.

  skidzy 21:26 08 Jul 2007

Can you boot into safemode,tapping f8 on startup.

  ukrv 07:56 09 Jul 2007

Thanks for replies guys,

The laptop only works off mains - battery hasn't kept charge for a while (even though laptop states its charging or fully charged).

I just tried booting to safe mode (F8) and got several fast bleeps, the dos startup appeared (as listed above) and then the screen went blank and you could hear the stuff whiring in background but nothing else.

I will remove/replace bits when home later today.


  azzazzin 22:21 11 Jul 2007

Had a similar problem almost 3 yrs after I bought my DV47EV (its branded as a "Vectron"), where the fan would make a loud whirring noise and the laptop would just freeze. Luckily I was still under extended warranty so I got it fixed for free. Apparently the cooling fans underneath had gotten clogged with dust, resulting in overheating of CPU and the resultant freeze. That was 1 yr ago, and never had any other problem with it. I removed the battery almost as soon a I bought it (battery life sucked from the get go), and even upgraded the RAM myself after some online research for compatible mem modules. Great laptop !, initially thought it very dicey ( being non-branded) when I bought it, never regretted it since

  ukrv 10:10 12 Jul 2007


Ive taken out all the parts I can access (by removing screws/covers underneath) and re-seated everything.

Still no good - nothing.

How did you access the fans? - I can get to one small one but cant find how to remove the complete top (keyboard) or base, just those individual covers.

The two main fans are inside the main casing, so I need to access that to give them a clean.

When the laptop screen died in the USA, they replaced the Motherboard.

Im trying to make contact with UK supplier to get them to provide a free out of warranty repair.

I will try and take them to small claims court if they wont play ball.

How long would you guys expect a 1000GBP laptop to last (especially given that one main part is just a year old now anyway) ?


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