Clearing a mess of uninvited links and adverts.

  Diemmess 12:42 16 Nov 2004

Summoned to fix GrumpySon/Granddaughter’s latest tangle (Old Vectra around 220Mhx 98SE and plenty of RAM)
They recently transferred from BT Openworld to Wannado BB.
Scanning with AVG nothing found.

Two major problems.

1.On the way to the net BT Openworld wants to log on. Easily cancelled but no sign of BT for uninstalling, or available for sweeping up with
CClean Searching with “bt” produces a whole list of links and other stuff which in some cases has nothing to do with BT. What should I do to be rid of BT?

2. A list of new shortcuts has appeared: Website Housing, Casino online, Printer cartridges, Internet, Travel, and Poker…..

Right click on “Internet” which is like the Explorer icon but NOT the same and selecting the target file shows this string, (I have popped spaces into it here to avoid opening by mistake) …………."C:\Program Files\lnternet Explorer \ IEXPLORE. EXE" click here .prrnvvuogpxrkwnjix. ukANzMOT4pBLghribOluKno/ggtGAwU/G/FimR3d9Niz3AvGO87M8uib5ZU6nT4sNC3EAH VujIDV21 MMt49TIE8fOrQgLAynX8l.cgi.........The other five new shortcuts have similar huge string.

Spybot and ZoneAlarm were not loaded.......... How can I clean this mess? If I select the target drive in the shortcut and rightclick > delete, will that be enough or will it wreck IE?

If necessary I could spend a quiet, but fraught hour combing through the Registry, but can some kind soul out there offer a “list of things to delete.”

  Muzz_former_aol_employee 12:51 16 Nov 2004

Broadband on a 220mhz PC??? Must be kidding...

  Smegs 13:05 16 Nov 2004

That's not the point.

Just delete EVERYTHING related to BT, even in Internet Options.

As for the Shortcuts, delete them. And these, other strings, I'm on Wanadoo BB, and I can't see them in my W/Explorer.

  Jackcoms 14:02 16 Nov 2004

Those new shortcuts sound like a case of IE hijacking.

Try CW Shredder click here
and Hijack This click here

  Diemmess 15:08 16 Nov 2004

Your help sets more (simple) questions.

1. Will try C W Shredder but is "MySearch" to blame, because it has changed the initial screen to one of its own and made the normal sign on screen disappear? If so, I believe Mysearch can be uninstalled quite normally?

2. Getting rid of BT.... There is a huge list contaning "bt" including names that are clearly nothing to do with it.I lacked the courage to wade in, deleting everything in sight.... been there several times in the past on the way to re-install!.........
If I do it in steps, rebooting after the most obvious references have gone, is this what you meant or is there a better way?

  Diemmess 15:13 16 Nov 2004

The target strings of the unwanted shortcuts are huge (see the sample at the top of this).

If I delete the shortcut, will it be the end of it? Normally deleteing a short cut does not affect an application, but these are merely links?

  Jackcoms 15:19 16 Nov 2004

I believe that My Search is part of the Cool Web (CW) 'family' of home page hijackers. Run CWShredder and it will certainly get rid of it if it is.

If it isn't successful run Hijack This and post the resulting log back here. There are experts who can interpret the results (but not me). You may have to insert the log over several posts because of its size and, if possible, make it double space before posting so that it's easier to read.

  Smegs 15:30 16 Nov 2004

If it's that bad, and your "I lacked the courage to wade in, deleting everything in sight", then how about a format and start again. That way, it will be clean of BT and the bugs.

Just a thought.

  Diemmess 15:33 16 Nov 2004

To do anything for this ailing box, involves a 10 mile round trip. My son gets grumpy, saying he has better things to do (he probably has after a hard day at the office), and granddaughter makes herself scarce ......... So I'll plan for my next trip tomorrow when its quiet and be sure I travel with the download and other things I need.

Clearing BT and those unwanted shortcuts..... Any more advice out there?

  Diemmess 15:43 16 Nov 2004

Yes that's the way I used to use for myself, but NOT, NO, NO-WAY in this case if it can be avoided. ......It is part of life to love one's offspring dearly..... and then to find that some are more "difficult" than others. If only he had followed his siblings and chosen Aol!!!!!!!!!

  Smegs 23:22 16 Nov 2004

Family's, what can you do with them??

How are you getting on??

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