is clearing cmos easy to do

  huh? 17:28 27 Mar 2003

hi ya all i have a qdi pc which has a platinix 2 mobo in it i recently d/loaded the latest bios and it has been installed successfully or so i thought until i went on to click here and found out it was only reporting half the installed ram now platinix 2 mobo's are quite frankly an awkward piece of hardware that gets a lot of ribbing on the qdi forum part of the bios set up is to clear cmos as the old bios and the new bios get muddled up what i was wondering was will clearing cmos involve a lot of messing about because on boot up my pc shows the latest bios version (2.2) but on bios software programme it says v1- xx so i have been advised to clear cmos to see if this will cure the discepancies in the bios reports
look forward to hearing any comments

  Legolas 17:32 27 Mar 2003

Well normally clearing the BIOS involves either looking for the jumpers and moving them to the "clear BIOS" position or taking out the CMOS battery for a few seconds and then replacing it, the first option needs good light and a magnifiying glass helps:-)

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