Clearing browser history in Mozilla

  newface 14:49 30 Dec 2008

I cannot clear out my browsing history in Mozilla by using either the shift, ctl & delete or thru the drop down list that comes from "tools". If I right click on the window where you enter the URL direct it still shows the last few sites I have visited. I have tried changing the number of days to keep the history to 1 and even 0. I have also tried having it delete the history when I close it down. Nothing seems to work does anyone have any ideas?

  MarvintheAndroid 17:08 30 Dec 2008

Saved Form and Search History is the one you need.

Tools - Clear Private Data - etc.


  newface 15:42 28 Jan 2009

Eventually I deleted Mozilla and reloaded it. Lo and behold it worked fine this time.

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