CleanUp! s/w-safe to use?

  dagwoood 02:22 05 Apr 2004

I've seen a lot of forum members advocate the use of CleanUp.

I've looked on the site and it advises that you back up your system before using this s/w.

As I don't have a backup device, would the system restore function correct any problems if I use this software and it all goes pear shaped? Also, as my thread title says, is this s/w, for most users, safe to use?

I'd be grateful for any input.

My system is o/s xp pro, AVG6, zone-alarm pro, ad-aware, spybot and spyware blaster(paranoid about getting nasties on my system!!).

Thanks, dagwoood.

  hugh-265156 02:26 05 Apr 2004

make a restore point first.this is always good practice before installing any new software as it can get you out of many sticky situations.

i have used cleanup for a while and never had any problems with it what so ever on its standard cleanup settings.does a great job in my opinion.

  dagwoood 02:36 05 Apr 2004

Morning huggyg71.

As you suggested, I always create a restore point before running an application on my system.

Actually, it was your advice on msdials thread that prompted to ask this question, as other forum members often(especialy VoG)suggest using this s/w.

If a restore point will correct any problems that might arise I'll give this s/w a whirl.

Thanks for the input, dagwoood.

  hugh-265156 02:46 05 Apr 2004

system restore is not the be all and end all,dont rely on it too much.

its not always going to fix every problem that arises but can be very useful.

nothing beats a good back up or complete image to fall back on when windows goes belly up.

i think you will be fine with cleanup.just be careful with the settings.standard should be fine but if you want to keep cookies etc untick from the options list.

  dagwoood 02:56 05 Apr 2004

Thanks for the continued advice.

(As to having a "complete image to fall back on", I think I'll be buying a larger hard drive in the next few months and I'll partition it so as I've got a "virgin" copy of xp to fall back on).

At the moment I can only rely on my system restore to get me out of a jam.

Cheers for the heads up about cookies. I'll run it on the default settings and see if I can get rid of some of my detritus and free up some disk space.

Thanks, dagwoood.

  hugh-265156 03:09 05 Apr 2004

imaging to a hard drive is probally the best way to go with something like acronis true image or drive image.

i only have one hard drive myself so what i did was to create a fresh install of xp and get it all up to date with critical updates and blaster patch etc and a few essential programs like avg zonealarm spybot adaware cleanup and so on and get these run and all as up to date as possable.

the space this took up was around 4gigs and using acronis(sometimes found full copy for free on coverdiscs)burnt to cdr using compression.this took 6 cdrs.

ps i also keep a multisession cd of windows updates on the go that i can keep adding to along with my favorites and email and address book.i burn any other downloads to cdr also for safe keeping before i install them.

if i need to use this image now i do still have to get updates but it will all be on disc.

saves a lot of time in the long run as you can be up and running in 10-15mins flat or so.

  dagwoood 03:17 05 Apr 2004

Thanks for the additional info. I'll bear it in mind when I change my hdd.

Cheers, dagwoood.

  dagwoood 03:23 05 Apr 2004

I've installed and run cleanup and I'm still here!!! I don't know how much space it freed up as I didn't make a note of how much space I had on my hdd before running it. I'll leave it for 1 week and remember to make a note of this before running cleanup again just to see how much space it'll free up after just a week.

Thanks again, dagwoood.

  dagwoood 03:40 05 Apr 2004

Thanks for that. Seems silly that the "you need to restart" window covers this info.

Cheers, dagwoood.

(I've wandered, do you drive a Honda by any chance?).

  dagwoood 03:55 05 Apr 2004

A car before its time.

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