cleanse and reboot?

  kayell1 12:33 21 May 2009

Hello...My son, my daughter and I seem to periodically get problems with our desktops and when we take them into the local experts the common answer seems to be a full wipe of the system and a reinstall of windows (we all have XP). This gets costly and I wondered if there is a simple method of doing what they do (cleanse the hard drive/install windows again and boot up). I have managed to back up my entire c drive on 8 x dvds but have no boot disc so am afraid to go further. Is it a simple job to do this whole exercise and could someone please tell me in simple words exactly how to go about it and how to create a boot disc?
Thanks for any advice..........

  Terry Brown 13:29 21 May 2009

The best option is to get a program like Nero or Acronis.

The full price of Acronis is about £40.00 and Nero about £60.00.

The Nero one has a lot more than just backup, as it also includes Audio recording,Video /DVD burning and a lot of other uses.

The main advantage is you back up your system (using either program), create a Boot CD, and this will in emergency, allow you to boot to(even with a formatted / blank) and re-create your hard drive as it was when you created the backup file.

Please note, The Nero and Acronis systems are NOT compatible, so you can use one or the other, however free trials are available on both so you can try them out for yourself.

Nero click here

Acronis click here

Good Luck

  User-1229748 13:30 21 May 2009

what make are the desktops?you might have recovery partitions on them.if so you should be able to create recovery disks unless you bought xp seperately.also if you have a recovery partition it could be as simple as pressing as an example f11 when the pc starts and it will reinstall back to factory condition.

  oldbeefer2 13:33 21 May 2009

I did this (for the first time) a few weeks ago. It took the best part of the weekend (although I'm sure the experts will do it far quicker). There are numerous threads in the archives on how to do it; it's not difficult - the only slight problem I had after reinstall was getting the drivers sorted - having the back-up discs from the computer manufacturer helped, but I had to download a couple from the net. Free programme Drivermax is one way to save the drivers you have. BUT, if you don't have the operating system on a separate partition you do need an OEM XP disc for each computer. Rather than go through all this palaver, you could try a 'repair' rather than a 'reinstall'. It can solve the problems unless they are very bad.

  Terry Brown 13:33 21 May 2009

You can (If you wish) goto Ebay and get a version from there,but be cautious as there are 'limited /restricted' versions that require you to buy a full licence to get all the benefits, which defeats the object of buying cheaper.

  birdface 13:42 21 May 2009

My son, my daughter and I seem to periodically get problems with our desktops.

Maybe you have the wrong security programs installed.You should not need to reformat your computer so often.

maybe run C Cleaner once a month.The odd defrag now and again.Driver updates.Use Driver Max that is free.
But basically you have to have some decent security to stop the problems from getting into your computer in the first place.
So many folk just use Ad-Aware and Spybot but they are pretty useless against todays attackers.

Maybe let us know what Security programs that you have installed and maybe we could recommend something better.
let us know what anti-virus -anti-spyware and firewall you have installed.

  Graphicool1 13:47 21 May 2009

Create a Boot Disk...
Start>My Computer>Right click on the 'A' drive(with a blank floppy installed)and choose format.
Then select 'create an MS DOS startup disk'

  kayell1 15:13 21 May 2009

thanks to all....I have just purchased Bullguard security 8.5 for each of our PCs and hopefully this will stop the probable virus and malware problems we have experienced. Everything seems to be OK with my PC at the mement after my recent problems except when I am on the internet I can't seem to continue moving from one web site to another as I keep getting the message that it is "unable to connect"...I keep having to backtrack to the original web page used to be able to move on to another. Hope I haven't made it confusing for you.

  kayell1 15:15 21 May 2009

Thanks Graphicool! ....I don't have a floppy drive on my PC?

  birdface 16:29 21 May 2009

Bullguard security 8.5 for each of our PCs.

Now what you need is some extra anti-spyware programs.Bullguard will be no good on its own.

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