Cleaning printer

  GBL 19:42 02 Feb 2003

I have an Epson Stylus 750 colour photo printer which is now about three years old, I recently seem to have to get it to clean the printer heads more regulary than I used to.
I wondered whether I should venture deaper and do a service on it such as cleaning it out, as where does all this ink go to over time.

If anyone can offer advice, how should I approach a good clean up??


  Pesala 21:49 02 Feb 2003

I recently started using compatibles to save money, and now find that I need to clean the heads often. Never had to with originals.

I'm not complaining -- at least not yet. My Jettec compatibles are quite a bit cheaper and work well enough so far.

  bobbyc 22:34 02 Feb 2003

hi geoffy
i have had epsons for as long as i can remember
i wont buy any other if you lift out the ink
cartridges and put a few drops of cd lens cleaning fluid onto the nozzles then replace the
cartridges then run the clean nozzles prog from the utilities this has worked on every epson i have had i have got a 400 440 600 680 750
in my family works all the time

  Djohn 22:58 02 Feb 2003

I have an Epson 600 and find it's a great printer, have been using compatibles for two years now, from click here at a price of £15-99 for two colour and one black, including postage.

No probs. at all, Epson heads do seem to need more cleaning than other makes, but produce excellent results, and at that price for ink I wouldn't complain if I had to clean the heads every day!

  Spencus 02:21 03 Feb 2003

Head cleaning cartridges are available on most ink suppliers sites.

The surplus ink drips into a reservoir in the base of your printer

  Migwell 03:37 03 Feb 2003

What happens when it get's full then?

  €dstow 08:17 03 Feb 2003

This takes an awful long time as the ink draining into the sump dries out. As the solids and non-volatile content of ink is very low, the amount remaining after evaporation takes up very little space.

Mind you, if you do reach a situation where the sump gets full and overflows, it is EXTREMELY messy as you are dealing with very concentrated dye mixtures resulting from the collected dried ink. Don't have your printer over a light coloured floor covering!!


  pj123 11:01 03 Feb 2003

I use compatible ink cartridges all the time,I have Epson 895 and an epson 880. I have had no problem. Quill Marketing sell print head cleaning cartridges for Epson printers go to click here and check it out. They also do compatible ink cartridges but I find Choice Stationery do a better deal try click here for a good price.


  GBL 13:51 03 Feb 2003

Thanks to you all. I also use compatables at a very good price.
Will try some of your tips though.

  BlueMeanie 14:34 03 Feb 2003


The 'sump' contains a wad of felt to absorb the excess ink, and when checked usually seems to be only half used. Only one printer at work ever spilt over, but boy was it messy. It had been used at a school for several years/many CONTINUOUS hours every day.

Tip - to clean the paper rollers, fold a piece of A4 paper in half in lenght (ie still A4 wide) spray cleaning fuild onto the paper (or damp slightly with water) and feed through the printer using the paper advance button, the damp paper will absorb ink off the rollers. Might take many paper feeds to do a full clean.

PS don't take the printer apart, unless you really have to.

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