cleaning printer

  picklsey 15:45 25 Jan 2005

i have an epson 830 it,s been lying in a cupboard for few months my son now wants it i got it out works except for the obvious the ink has dried i think on the print heads i,ve ran several cleaning cycles made no difference so anyone got ideas on how to get it cleaned.

  recap 15:55 25 Jan 2005

Try holding the cartridge over the spout of a boiling kettle. This may loosen the clogged ink. Just dab the cartridge with a tissue, try not to wipe the print heads.

If you do go this route, PLEASE be careful and use a cloth to hold the cartridge with.

  picklsey 16:03 25 Jan 2005


thanks for that will give it a go anyone anymore ideas.cheers

  Djohn 16:11 25 Jan 2005

but you could try leaving the cartridge stood in a little warm water in a saucer or similar for a couple of hours, [Change water when required] and use just enough to cover the base of the printhead.

Leave on a moist piece of paper towel overnight if required then do a thorough head clean once back in the printer. Also place a pad of moist tissue, not wet in the cartridge holder in the printer why you are doing the above. Good luck.

  picklsey 16:20 25 Jan 2005


thanks for reply i take it the print heads are on the cartridges so if i replaced the catridges it would work ok would i have to do anything to the main housing of the pc.the printer was hardly used and i will give all suggestions a go.thanks

  chub_tor 16:38 25 Jan 2005

I had a similar problem with an Epson printer bought at a boot sale. Googling the problem brought a whole host of suggestions and picking out the best bits I was able to bring an Epson 740 costing £1.50 back to full photographic colour. Some of the links that I used are listed below. Good luck it’s a very rewarding project.

click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

  picklsey 16:45 25 Jan 2005


thanks for that will go through the links later i am just waiting for my son to bring the pc over it was lying in his future father in laws loft.he said it is a ollivety going to have a look at it and see if i can get the pc and printer working together.he is a chef and just wants the pc to print off menus.cheers.

  BT 17:53 25 Jan 2005

The print heads are part of the carriage not part of the cartridge. One solution is to bring the carriage to the 'remove cartridge' position - hold the paperfeed button for 3 seconds - then turn off at the mains.This will keep the carriage in position. Remove the cartridges then thread a piece of folded tissue under the carriage. Feed a few drops of JR cleaning fluid (or blue meths) into each of the nipples inside the carriage that pierce the cartridge seals, with a syringe or dropper, but don't pressurise it, this will destroy the print head. Leave to diffuse through the print heads and repeat a few times, changing the tissue as necessary. When you think you have cleared the nozzles, dry off as much of the cleaning fluid as possible. Switch the printer back on and install a new set of cartridges. This method will usually dissolve out the most stubborn blockages.

  picklsey 04:01 26 Jan 2005

will tick resolved for now and get to it later on if i get it up and running i will post back here and let use know.thanks to everyone for there suggestions.

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