provider 2 12:11 23 Dec 2006

I was led to believe that cleaning the prefetch folder would speed up my PC. This site claims it could have the opposite effect.Any comments?
click here

  VoG II 12:17 23 Dec 2006

Another view click here

  provider 2 12:20 23 Dec 2006

And another?click here

  brundle 13:11 23 Dec 2006

From "click here"

How does this scheme provide a performance benefit? The answer lies in the fact that during typical system boot or application startup, the order of faults is such that some pages are brought in from one part of a file, then from another part of the same file, then pages are read from a different file, then perhaps from a directory, and so on. This jumping around results in moving the heads around on the disk. Microsoft has learned through analysis that this slows boot and application startup times. By prefetching data from a file or directory all at once before accessing another one, this scattered seeking for data on the disk is greatly reduced or eliminated, thus improving the overall time for system and application startup.

  provider 2 15:00 23 Dec 2006

Pretty definitive stuff, brundle. More harm than good can come from this "optimisation". I think I had better steer well clear of this one.

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