Cleaning up hard drive

  Lucky Jim 11:23 05 Oct 2005

(apologies if this has already been covered - couldn't find anything in the archive)
Hi all
I'm using XP Pro and I need to free up some space on my hard drive as I only have about 500MB left on 8GB C Drive, and a large chunk of this is in the Windows folder (3GB!).
Does anyone have any tips on how to free up some space apart from defragging and compressing?

I still have quite a few files named something like "$NtUninstallKB867282$" - I'm assuming its ok to delete these?

I have about 200MB of temporary files which can also be deleted, but what can all the rest of the space be going?

The hard drive is virtually partitioned into C: and D: drives so I would ideally like to reallocate some space from the D: drive to make the C: bigger. Is there any straight forwrd way of doing this without having to reformat the hard disk?

Thanks in advance


  Doire_Bhoy 11:25 05 Oct 2005

Go into Regedit and delete all folders that are left behind from programs that you unistalled in the past.

Run ccleaner too.

  plsndrs3 11:49 05 Oct 2005

Or use treesize to see what is using the space. Free Trial at : click here

  Belatucadrus 12:03 05 Oct 2005

Use sequoiaview click here to identify the spacehogs and then as has been suggested ccleaner click here

  Belatucadrus 12:08 05 Oct 2005

click here G-Lock temp cleaner also worth a look

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:16 05 Oct 2005

"$NtUninstallKB867282$" these are restore points if a windows update goes amiss, can be safely deletd if everthing is working ok.

You could lso move the paging (swap) file to D to save space My COMP - properties -advanced -performance settings -advanced - change select the d: drive.

  jimv7 13:38 05 Oct 2005

Staart the computer in safe mode by pressing f8 as it starts to boot, open my computer/docs and settings choose your folder, delete all cookies/temp files/temp internet files, open control panel/add remove and remove programmes you no longer use.

A third party software, partition magic will move around partitions for you, reclaiming space deleting or creating partitions. Always back up before running p/magic.

  jimv7 13:40 05 Oct 2005

Forgot to add, you could always get a new and bigger hard drive, using the old 1 as a back-up drive.

  Danoh 14:10 05 Oct 2005

Available on some magazines cover DVD/CD recently (e.g. PC Pro). But do back-up data 1st.

You can delete temp files and older XP Restore points by Start> All programs> Accessories> System Tools> Disk Cleanup (check out the other options tab as well).

In addition, you can use XP's Search to find and delete all temporary files and folders by copying the following into the search criteria; *.tmp,*.chk,~*.*

You can go into the advanced option and selected hidden files etc to be searched as well, but be prepared for a few files which can not be deleted as they are still being used.

You didn't say how large your overall HDD is?

  Lucky Jim 14:45 05 Oct 2005

Thank you all for those very helpful suggestions - I've installed sequoiaview and ccleaner and they worked really well.
I'll keep my eye out for a copy of partition magic too.

Thanks again!

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