Cleaning Flat screen CRT monitors

  Visio 13:48 04 Nov 2006

I have recently bought a second hand Iiyama vision master pro 452 and recently while cleaning the screen with a cleaning cloth specially designed for that purpose it has left marks on the screen. I here these monitors have a anti glare coating and once damaged thats it. Is there any way of removing the coating since i expect these cloth wipes have damaged the coating now.

  spuds 14:28 04 Nov 2006

Probably not the answer, but worth a look click here

  spuds 14:32 04 Nov 2006

Whoops, faulty link, try click here

  Visio 08:52 05 Nov 2006

Well thanks for that but it hasn't solved the problem of streaks though. Any more suggestions???

  dogbreath1 09:25 05 Nov 2006

The truth is that I now use any proprietary spray (fine mist) window cleaner!! Very light coating wiped off with a soft cloth. I've been doing this on 4 monitors for many months with great results.

Must change the curtains though! ;-)

  martd77 09:43 05 Nov 2006

i was always of the opinion that only a micro fibre cloth with a little bit of water should be used as on tv lcd screens.
There are many proprietary cleaners and wipes but i stick to the micro cloth

  johndrew 13:07 05 Nov 2006

There was a post on these forums on this subject some months back - unfortunately I can`t find it now. But it refered to various cleaning agents, some of which appeared a bit dodgy.

I use monitor wipes which can be purchased in most decent PC stores. They come in tubs of about 70 - 100 cost about £6 and are of two types one for glass the other for laptops/TFT screens. You can use the laptop/TFT on glass but NOT the other way round.

These wipes do a good job of removing streaks which generally are residue from other cleaning products, but equally may be permanent damage from the wrong product.

If the streaks are persistent you could try a mild solution of washing up liquid on a well rung lint free, soft cloth. Don`t rub or you will damage the anti-glare surface. Wise to turn the monitor off before you do this and ensure it is fully dry before turning it on again.

  JayDay 13:31 05 Nov 2006

I saw some Philips screen cleaning gel in my local ASDA. Works a treat on my Laptop screen and CRT monitor.

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