Cleaning the fan behind the Processor

  Ex plorer 09:11 17 Apr 2006

Hi the PC freezes up quite often, I have had a look inside the case and the fan over the processor works OK but it seems to be clogged with dust etc behind.
There are two plastic leavers holding the fan in position if I lift them to clean what loos like a filter will this remove the processor. The processor is Intel 3.0


  martd77 09:38 17 Apr 2006

hi,safer way of cleaning any dust out of your pc fans would be to purchase a small canister of compressed air,maplins electronics sell them and many other suppliers,
Personally wouldnt remove the processor unless you really had to,normally pc freeze ups can be caused by all sorts of things from faulty ram to corrupt video drivers or your system could be overheating if the fans are not working properly,

  hzhzhz 09:45 17 Apr 2006

The fan is attatched to a heatsink,these two are held down onto the processsor by the plastic levers you see. The processor is held in place by a single lever on the side. As martd77 says a can of compressed air should remove any dust from the fan and from the fins of the heatsink.

  User-312386 09:52 17 Apr 2006

Its not a filter its a heatsink

Remove the fan and clean that and then get a paintbrush and clean the fins with it.

Clean all excess dust and put the fan back.

Remember to use an anti-static wrist strap

  Taff™ 09:53 17 Apr 2006

Carefully remove the fan in my opinion. Leave the heatsink and processor in place. Then use a small paintbrush to remove the debris, or perhaps a cotton bud to get in between the fins of the heatsink. Finally blow everthing out with the compressed air. Be very careful not to touch other components on the motherboard and make sure you use a static wristband, properly earthed before you start.

  Taff™ 09:54 17 Apr 2006

Must type faster!!!!

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