Cleaning an Epson C82 printhead

  GrahamP 20:33 12 Feb 2004

A long shot, I know, but:

After reading the plethora of problems about clogged C82 printheads on the fixyourownprinter site, I decided to take this one apart and clean it.

It wasn't printing colour and the black was scratchy at best. Nozzle cleaning via utilities hadn't helped.

Unlike most other makes which combine the printhead and the cartridge, Epson has a separate printhead. I soaked the base overnight in Windowlene (worked a treat on my Canon) and tried dripping it through the clogged nozzles from above. Unfortunately I managed to get it on the pc board. Now it prints nothing, although the ink, black anyway, is flowing through successfully and into the reservoir.

I've probably screwed it (new printhead costs £70) but any advice, condolences etc welcome.

  The Spires 20:44 12 Feb 2004

I had a similar problem yesterday with a C62 that the owner (not me) had forgotten to remove the bright yellow sticky plastic tape from the cartridge vent before fitting. He then spent the entire morning cleaning the heads in a vain effort to print black, this it seems removed all ink to the head never to return. I tried almost everything to recover the situation, the printer in question is outside awaiting its final journey to the tip. Some you win.

  GrahamP 21:14 12 Feb 2004

Thanks for the reply.

Likewise this wasn't mine. The owner had been using compatibles and I think, refilling them. I suspect also that the colour cartridges hadn't been used for months.

What shocked me about the Epson was the cost of the black cartridge, £30 from a local shop, £20 online. I had thought the separate printhead design would have made the cartridges cheaper.

The other thing that surprises me, but not much, is that very few of the parts are available as spares. Oh well I suppose we are meant to look upon them as disposable.

  Pamy 21:15 12 Feb 2004

Try running Methalated Spirit,not windowlene.

  GrahamP 21:43 12 Feb 2004

I'd been wondering about which solvents for which inks. Isopropyl alcohol is usually recomended but it didn't work on my old Canon. I'll give the meths a go though I'm not sure that it's a clogged nozzle problem now since the ink is flowing through the pump and into the waste ink tube and reservoir.

  bloo meeny 09:27 13 Feb 2004

This contains a link to the 'SSC service utility' for Epson here

I had a totally blocked printhead on my Stylus Colour 760 and was about to post regarding access and cleaning of same. I tried the POWERFUL cleaning mode from this and it solved the problem !!! Lots of other goodies on it too.

May be worth a go .... Good Luck !

  GrahamP 10:29 13 Feb 2004

Unfortunately even the powerful cleaning option hasn't fixed this.

As I say, black ink is flowing freely through the waste tube during head cleaning so I don't think this is a blocked nozzle problem. It looks more like either I've destroyed the little pc board that sits at the top of the printhead (I inadvertently flooded it with fluid) or that I've damaged the flat cable carrying the signals to the printhead (the smaller one has a severe kink in it which might have broken one of the connections).

Replacing the printhead is out of the question (£70 for the silicon version which this requires)unless I can find a secondhand one going begging but the cable should be cheaper. Anyone know where I can get these ribbon cables? Epson do not supply them as a spare part but they look generic.

  GrahamP 10:30 13 Feb 2004

I did try meths as well. It didn't help I'm afraid.

  GrahamP 22:19 25 Feb 2004

May as well close this. I did one last check on the cables with a multimeter to ensure none of the lines were broken or shorting. All were fine. I'll hang onto the carcase in case another dead one comes along with a good printhead.

Moral of the tale. If you want a cheap, disposable printer - buy Epson.

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