clean your pc with 20 tools

  sunny staines 15:24 01 Sep 2007

on the pca home page is the 5 page list of programs i have never heard off. i have tried many similar programs and settled to a few which work for me they also seem to be the same few often recommended by readers here in the forums none of which appearing this list to my surprise.

now my question has any one tried any of these and can provide any feed back please.

  cocteau48 15:42 01 Sep 2007

Hi sunny staines
I have used three of these (in fact the others I have never heard of)

Autoruns - OK till I discovered Winpatrol - much more useful.
Auslogics Reg defrag - still on the system coz I am not over happy with the beta version of 10bit Smart Defrag.
Local Cooling - Recommended by Click (BBC News24) - unimpressed and removed.

The rest - complete unknowns to me.

  cocteau48 15:48 01 Sep 2007

While your at it here's another new one:
click here

  sunny staines 16:16 01 Sep 2007

thanks for your feedback, do you know if threatfire will clash with the spyware terminater shield?

I too have stopped using iobit defrag [do not think it fully defrags ] waiting for AWC3.

  cocteau48 16:22 01 Sep 2007

I have not tried it - only read the blurb - but it looks as it may be one of those progs that slows things down across the system.
I think we are well covered with the "usual suspects" and can get over paranoid about security.
I cannot remember the last threat which I had detected which did not turn out to be a FP.

  sunny staines 16:28 01 Sep 2007

your right i will leave alone on the pca list not sure who researched it i thought he may have come up with a better selection perhaps it was assigned to a researcher with no interest in computers.
i will hold fire on threatfire and see if anyone else provides feedback.

  Totally-braindead 16:33 01 Sep 2007

I'm a bit of a stick in the mud when it comes to utilities. I really can't be bothered trying all and sundry and stick with programs that have proven results rather than try new ones.
I only change if the program I am using fails or falls behind in its performance as compared with others.
I have to say that when I looked at the programs listed I had never even heard of many of them and they would not have been in my choice of tools.

  al7478 16:34 01 Sep 2007

i thought the music one was interesting. it through up a lot of album artwork for me, which i dont know how to find and remove otherwise, tho itd be nice if i did.

  sunny staines 16:40 01 Sep 2007

i have tried umteen reg checkers and utilities some have been dreadful others handy, but the good ones do seem to get rid of the sluggish pc and make other good improvements. given up trying out unheard of ones as i have had corrupted programs and had to do reinstalls. my system worksgreat now but always on the look out for that little program that comes along and makes a difference as they do quiet frequently.

  cocteau48 16:52 01 Sep 2007

"my system worksgreat now"
IF IT 'AINT BROKE DON'T FIX IT should be plastered in ruddy great letters across the top of my monitor!

  kdt 17:26 01 Sep 2007

Iam satisfied with diskkeeper lite & pagedefrag v32 from sysinternals(MS) and am not going to bother with the list as system xp pro working fine.

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