$Clean Thread: IE not working,,,!!

  Winxx 16:34 26 Dec 2006

OK, the last thread got a bit messy and confusing so im going to explain my problem properly.

Ok, I was using IE for a little while and then all of a sudden it does'nt work anymore, when i try to go onto any webpage i get this error.

click here

Except of course the website in the error corresponds to the site im trying to access.

I tried Mozilla Firefox and it works just fine, so i then tried removing IE by going onto Add/Remove programs and Add/remove windows components.

I unchecked IE and clicked next, it uninstalled and then i tried re-installing it again by ticking the box.

Tried hitting IE, and got an error message when trying to access google like the one above.

so i tried uninstalling it and looking for a standalone installer for IE6, got one, and when i try to run it, it sais it's detected a higher version of IE and cannot continue, as far as i can see, there is no trace of IE on the system, im thinking about a system restore, but seems a bit silly as i know theres an easy fix for this. sorry about the long paragraphs but i want to explain this properly, im currently using Mozilla which i would prefer to uninstall and go back to IE, at the moment thats impossible so any help will be greatly appreciated.

  p;3 16:54 26 Dec 2006

for those of us who do not trust links given via imageshack , could you link it via imagethrust

click here

  Winxx 17:08 26 Dec 2006

click here

why wouldnt u trust imageshack, isit known to be dangerous?

  p;3 17:26 26 Dec 2006

there have been risks associated with the imageshack site as detailed here
click here

and here

click here

makes interesting reading

use imageshack if you wish but I for one am steering compeltely clear of it as there are alternatives avaibale

  Winxx 17:57 26 Dec 2006

Please if you have any ideas i would be so grateful, i just want IE to work again!

  p;3 18:03 26 Dec 2006

you still have this thread click here running about this;
things could get confusing;

I hope someone comes to your help soon;

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