Clean up old PC

  Hetti 17:27 27 Apr 2005

Im giving old PC to my daughter, how do I clean of everything to leave just the Operating sytem,
I don't know if I need Floppy drive to do this but it is not working at the present time

  Diemmess 17:47 27 Apr 2005

Since it is in the family "simple is best"

Even so there is no quick way to remove all applications and free-up the operating system.

Without regard to the legal niceties if you really want to give her a clean (O/S only) machine then format and install just the O/S and mobo drivers.

If you are giving some applications as well then all you need to do is to Uninstall the ones she doesn't want, delete all your data files and then run something like CCleaner to tidy up a bit

  Diemmess 17:50 27 Apr 2005

You may not need an A: drive, depending on how you go about this, but a necessary item for your daughter would be a working Floppy drive. Go on, they don't cost much!

  Arnie 18:19 27 Apr 2005

Did The Floppy drive once work? If so. Switch off the computer and remove the side panel that exposes the floppy cable connected to the motherboard.

Touch the metal chassis to equalise any body static.
Unplug the cable at the floppy drive end and reinsert it the same way as it came out. Do the same at the motherboard end. Refit the panel.

Who knows? You may save yourself a tenner or so.

  Hetti 07:50 28 Apr 2005

Thanks All

I will leave everything except my personal data files, how can I be sure they are all deleted, ie what do I type in to search for them all and not remove something I should not?

I have tried that previously.... there is a fault on MB ...... Daughter knows someone to install new one,

  TomJerry 09:26 28 Apr 2005

in IE (or control panle), Tools, Internet Options, content, Autocomplete and you can clear everything from there, you can trun off and make sure everything gone and then turn again

under general, you also need to delete cookies and temp files

delete everyrything under "My document" and any directories you created

use windows cleanup to give a clean

  TomJerry 09:27 28 Apr 2005

if you use XP

  Diemmess 11:41 28 Apr 2005

I have no idea why, but twice over a number of years I have been caught by a disappearing A: drive - bought a new one and then when it didn't work either, found the BIOS had it as disabled.

Like I say - why??? but correcting this left me with a working drive plus a spare! It has to be worth your while to check that BIOS setting.

  Hetti 12:02 28 Apr 2005


Are the settings the same in ME, sorry i did not mention old Pc runs ME.


How do i check in BIOS?,this may well be the problem

  TomJerry 14:45 28 Apr 2005

do not know about the account, never see me in any PC myself

  Diemmess 15:01 28 Apr 2005

From the moment you switch on, keep tapping the Delete key. The usual screen will change to a new one basicly blue with yellow and red lettering.

The mouse won't work, but you can navigate using the arrow keys and Enter to show details and Escape to go back.

Work your way through until you see Floppy drive and at any end-stage like this, using the PgUp or PgDown keys, you can cycle through the alternatives.

It is wiser to make any changes one at a time, but if you are worried that you might have altered something wrongly, you can always back out to the point where the prompts offer to "Exit without saving the changes" or to Press F10 to "Exit and Save any changes"

You will still have a final chance with a "Y/N" option before it exits and reboots.

I hope this is the answer - good luck.

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