A clean install of windows XP...hmm!

  BeeWee 09:50 28 May 2008

I've got myself into a right mess! I wanted to reinstall windows as I have been having a lot of problems with my computer. Yesterday I put my XP disc in and received a message to say that the copy was older than the version already on the computer. This is to do with my son and local computer shop whilst I have been away.

Anyway I decided to proceed with the disc as I have the key etc. and of coourse the disc! Well I have ended up with 3 partitions. When I boot up I get offered two windows xp to choose from. If I take the second one...then I get my old desktop and progs - the one which I have no disc for. there is also a small partition of 4.89. c drive is 71.43 but only half is available.
If I choose the second option then I get a new installation of windows XP which is fresh and is the one I would like to keep. The problem is that I can't get any sound to work on it (it works on the other xp though). I only hope someone can understand what has happened.

Whilst all this has happened I thankfully haven't lost my internet connection and I have a laptop with all my music and pics backed up on which is networked to the PC. This is also working.

I would like to use the fresh installation of windows as over the years the other copy has picked up a lot of dross and slowed things down. I don't want 3 partitions either. So how do I enable sound on the new xp and how do i get rid of the other partitions?
thanks !

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:16 28 May 2008

"copy was older"
This is because windows will have been updated to at least SP2.

your new version will need to be update.

"Can't get any sound to work on it"
You need to load all the drivers for your sound card motherboard graphics etc. into the new version.

"how do i get rid of the other partitions?"
you will need a third party program to adjust partitions such as Partition magic 8.

The easiest way may be to start from scratch, boot from the XP disk and delete all partitions and reformat the drive, and then reinstall XP
install drivers and then update to sp3.

Make sure you have all your drivers before you start.

  BeeWee 10:40 28 May 2008

thank you fruit bat...yes of course..i'd forgotten about sp2 update...so that answers that one!

how do i do the driver thing? do i look for them and put them on to a cd?
any idea where i might find them? sorry to be so vague!

yes you are right and i do need to start from scratch

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:53 28 May 2008

the drivers for your system should be on your motherboard CD Unless everything came preinstalled.

you could backup your drivers from your old installation before you start. click here

  ventanas 11:21 28 May 2008

As a follow up this site click here explains how to perform a clean install and how to delete the unwanted partitions whilst doing so.

XP was often very good at finding something in the driver line that would work. With my old XP system (now gone) all I needed was the (retail) XP disc, which had no drivers dedicated for my system, but everything worked after a reinstall. I did always get the "proper" ones, but it was not essential.

  BeeWee 11:56 28 May 2008

Thank you both so much for your invaluable help...think the rest of the day is sorted out!

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