Clean install win 95b on old Dell laptop

  ray27 18:36 01 Mar 2005

I am trying to install Windows 95b onto a Dell Latitude M166ST cd laptop.
What! I here you say, why would anyone want to do that.

The simple answer is
A. I happen to have Windows 95b with the product code
B. The lap top was given to an elderly lady who only wants it so that she can keep in touch with her family via e-mail.
The laptop threw a wobbly and would only boot up to the windows screen and would freeze at that point.

I decided, with the help of this forum to do a clean install for her as PC world wouldn’t touch it, predictable, and told her to buy a new one.
With the forums help I obtained a disk that is designed to operate with dell laptops so that you can boot from the cd rom.
This works Ok.

I can get through the part where you insert the product cod and the other menus but when it starts to install windows, the bit where the little drumsticks are hitting the drum and states it is preparing to copy files and shortly after a box come up and states
SYSTEM ERROR Cannot read from Drive A Cancel Retry
and if you click on any one of these boxes it just freezes.

The other thing is that it seems to recognise the cd rom drive as being D:
I have set the drives in set up to read

Has anyone any idea what the problem could be or what I am doing wrong
If you would not only get me some street cred but would make an elderly lady very happy, in the nicest way of course
Regards Ray

  Buchan 35 19:39 01 Mar 2005

You deserve a bump

  pk470 20:37 01 Mar 2005

Have you formated the drive? is the floppy drive showing in the bios?,if you are using the floppy disks then it must be set up as first boot floppy.
I don't have a laptop.

  ray27 08:29 02 Mar 2005

I did format the C drive at first and the bios have been set as stated above,I have tried all combinations.
A friend has a copy of win 98 and I am going to try that I have a Windows ME but as per normal I have lost the product code

  Yoda Knight 08:55 02 Mar 2005

re-format the drive.
at the dos prompt make a directory on the c: called c:\win95 or sumthing (md c:\win95)
Copy the whole cd into this directory (copy d:\*.* c:\win95)
Change to the directory on c: (c: <enter> cd\win95<enter>
run the install by typing setup.exe <enter>

this way if there are any problems reading from your cd you will now about it before installing, and you will not be asked to insert the windows disk ever again !

  ray27 09:19 02 Mar 2005

For some reason it will not let me format drive c: it States that this drive does not support format.
I seem to be able to boot from the cd rom that I got via ebayThe only problem is it gets to the point where it is copying windows files and up pops this Error Box Stating that it cant read

Drive A:
Drive A: is definatly the Floppy drive because if I put in a floppy boot disk it recognises the disk and loads somthing about Bananas

I think The problem is somthing to do with the way the drives are set up on the laptop the Floppy is connected via a cable and the cd rom is a cassette pushed into a bay on the front .

This bay will also take the Floppy Drive but the cable has a lable on it stating it should only be used for the floppy

  Yoda Knight 09:53 02 Mar 2005

might be reading your hard drive as D for now. try the above instructions, changing C for D. remove cdrom entirely and reboot before running setup.exe (that should make D change to C if that is the problem at the moment)

  pk470 09:59 02 Mar 2005

Try fdisk delete the prime dos partition then create new dos partition and make it active
and reformat.

  Yoda Knight 10:01 02 Mar 2005

good idea - didnt think of that ! :)

  pk470 13:58 02 Mar 2005

Could even be worth trying installing W98 but looking at the spec this is an old computer.

  ray27 16:20 02 Mar 2005

I am having a try at what you have sugested about using fdisk I get to the part where it says " What Primary Partition do yo want to delet "
I then select 2 which is the C: drive then it asks me to enter [VOLUME LABEL] I dont know what that is
any ideas?

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