Clean install of W2K after XP

  tintin4dogs 00:24 25 Mar 2003

I have had a PC upgraded by Mesh and checked using XP. This was then removed and the PC returned, but when I tried a clean install of an OEM W2K I could not create a partition. Mesh insist on charging 50p/m support to even listen to my problem. I have tried setting the BIOS as per the motherboard manufacturers settings with no success. Is it actually possible to install W2K after XP has been there, and if I do need XP, will an OEM version work or do I need the full bifter?
Thganks for any help

  Megatyte 00:41 25 Mar 2003

Did you delete the existing partitions before trying to create a new one?


  professor 00:43 25 Mar 2003

do u mean u want a dual boot of xp and w2k or just w2k if its the latter get a win98 bootdisk go to start>find>find files or folders,then type format and enter.

a file will be found called copy this to your win98 bootdisk then take it to your pc reset all BIOS settings to be safe and clear the CMOS then change any BIOS settings you need to.

bung in the 98bootdisk and let it do its stuff after its done press the shift key and F5 keys together to take you to the dos prompt type FDISK and enter delete your partition then make a new one,exit fdisk and reset pc.

let bootdisk do its stuff again then press shift and F5 together again at dos prompt type FORMAT C: /U and enter let it wipe ur drive to prep it for use then youre away.


  professor 00:45 25 Mar 2003

just though as youre at it how about flashing your BIOS to its latest code? its a perfect chance to do so...


  temp003 01:04 25 Mar 2003

There is no reason why w2k cannot be installed, even when XP is already present (and XP has been removed anyway).

It's unlikely to be a hardware problem, because if your computer is compatible with XP, it must be compatible with w2k.

Is your w2k CD a recovery CD, or a "normal" OEM CD?

If you boot from the w2k CD and enter Setup, you should be able to delete an existing partition, create a new partition from unpartitioned space, specify the size of the new partition, and format it.

If there's an existing partition which takes up the whole of the hard disk, and you want to create a smaller partition, you need to delete the existing partition first, then create a new, smaller partition.

How did you try to create a partition? At what stage did you get stuck? Any error message?

  tintin4dogs 22:11 25 Mar 2003

Thanks all
This is a clean install of an OEM W2K with no other operating systems.
I can boot from the W2K CD ok, and partition manager loads and reports an unpartioned drive of the correct size. When I try to create a partition it tells me the maximum size possible is 0 Mb and minimum size 0 Mb. Entering a value to create a partition and the selected size immedeately reverts to 0 Mb when I hit enter. Entering the manufacturers drive details manually in BIOS rather than using autodetect makes no difference (this is a brand new ASUS motherboard with current BIOS installed). I tried booting from an XP Pro recovery CD and it took me beyond the partitioning point OK before I cancelled.

  temp003 01:16 26 Mar 2003

The only thing I can think of at the moment is virus protection in BIOS. Try going into BIOS setup and see if there is a boot sector virus protection. If so, set it to "disabled". Virus protection prevents changes to the MBR or partition table, hence can't create a new partition.

This makes sense since BIOS can detect the hard drive correctly, and W2K setup can also detect the correct size of unpartitioned space. Worth a try.

  Taran 01:49 26 Mar 2003

Try booting from a standard, old-fashioned Windows 98 startup floppy. If you don't have one either get a willing friend to make you one or download one from click here

If your hard drive is NTFS, you will get a message to that effect, but it won't stop you from performaing the following steps.

Assuming you know how to use a Startup floppy disk, at the A:\> prompt use the FDISK command and follow the rest of the necessary steps to delete ALL partitions. Now create a new partition then restart and format this newly created partition and run setup from the Windows 2000 CD ROM again and all should be well.

If you are mot sure about FDISK and format commands, try the Microsoft article at the following address (copy it to your browser address bar and remove the spaces from between the http:// and the rest of the address)


  eric8024 02:05 26 Mar 2003

why not use 'fdisk' to partition your harddisk again? i think it's a easy way to deal with all the partition problems although it cost a long time.

  tintin4dogs 11:33 27 Mar 2003

Thanks everyone, but none of your suggestions seem to have worked and this is going to remain a mystery. I've got to get it sorted so the young-un can take it to Uni, so I've bitten the bullet and ordered an OEM XP (if I can get it working how Mesh wanted it to be, I can them possibly get it how I want it to be!)
Thanks again for all your help

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