Clean Install & Activation

  cga 11:59 19 Sep 2004

I plan to do a clean install to get a pristine clean system. I am aware of the wpa.dbl file to retain XP activation but what about MS office Pro 2003. Is activation for this also held in the wpa.dbl or is there a similar file to be copied across.

Sure, I can reactivate but I would prefer to take my time getting the setup correct before I go online.

  cga 19:39 20 Sep 2004


  accord 20:00 20 Sep 2004

I did a clean format/install the other week and had to reactivate XP home and Office 2003. No problems.

My advise is to format, install XP with SP2, install drivers (latest if possible) install AV/FW. Get online and update AV/FW and any spyware. Run Virus and spyware then install Office 2003 then activate XP and office, job done,

  cga 20:26 20 Sep 2004

Yes, I know I can do it that way.

However, I shall back up and re-install the wpa file so I will not need to reactivate XP.

What I was interested in is if there was a similar process for Office

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