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  ponytail 08:55 09 Jan 2009

If I click on internet explorer then Tools then internet options finally delete.There is a choice of delete either Files,cookies,history or all.I would like to get rid of the temporary files as there must be quite a lot of them.When you click on explain this is what you get.

Delete webpage history
As you browse the web, Internet Explorer stores information about the websites you visit and information that you're frequently asked to provide (for example, your name and address). The following is a list of the type of information that Internet Explorer stores:

Temporary Internet files
A history of the websites you've visited
Information that you've entered into websites or the Address bar (this is referred to as saved form data and it includes things such as your name, address, and the website addresses that you've visited before)
Temporary information stored by browser add-ons
Usually, it's helpful to have this information stored on your computer because it can improve web browsing speed or automatically provide information so you don't have to type it in over and over. You might want to delete that information if you're cleaning up your computer or are using a public computer and do not want any of your personal information to be left behind.

To delete all browsing history

In Internet Explorer, click the Tools button, and then click Delete Browsing History.
Click Delete all, and then click Yes.
To delete a specific category of browsing history

In Internet Explorer, click the Tools button, and then click Delete Browsing History.
Click the Delete button next to the category of information you want to delete, click Yes, and then click Close.

You should close Internet Explorer when you're done to clear cookies that are still in memory from your current browsing session. This is especially important when using a public or kiosk computer.
Deleting all browsing history does not delete your list of favorites or subscribed feeds. It only deletes temporary files, browsing history, cookies, saved form information, and saved passwords.

I am not sure which selection to delete as I do not want to delete anything useful.Can someone advise.


  birdface 09:12 09 Jan 2009

I delete Files.Cookies and History every time I close I/Explorer.I use IE7 Pro add-on and that deletes them for me.I am quite happy doing that but others might do it differently.

  ponytail 09:42 09 Jan 2009

Hi buteman
I have looked at internet explorer 7 Pro Add-on.If I install it how is it used as I have not seen this programm before.

  babybell 09:59 09 Jan 2009

If you delete files it means when you next visit a website, it will need to download the page again rather than perhaps load from your computer. You shouldnt notice any loss in speed when loading pages.

Deleteing cookies means that when you go on to websites where you have clicked "keep me logged in" or "Remember my details", for example hotmail or ebay, then you will need to enter your email address and password again the next time you visit.

When you are browsing, if you click the down arrow next to where you type a web address, a list will drop down showing what sites you have visited. Also when you start typing in a web address, if you have been to that site before then internet explorer fills in the rest for you saying you time. Clearing your history will remove all this and you will have to start a fresh again.

All in all, nothing you delete will cause you any real issues. If you download a program called CCleaner click here this will do all that for you and clear a lot of rubbish off your pc at the same time.

  birdface 10:46 09 Jan 2009

When opened just go to privacy and tick the ones that you want deleted when IE7 closes.I also use IE settings and I have Top IE menu ticked and Hide Command bar.Just browse through it and set it the way you want it.Maybe someone else can give you other ideas of what to do.Whatever you do.It can always be undone so nothing to worry about.You normally have to close and then re-open IE7 for changes to be made.babybell gives you some good advice.Everyone is different so it is just a matter of setting it the way that you want it to run.

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