clean up

  LEEDASH 19:01 02 Nov 2008

evening all,i want to clean up my laptop,i have no software installed to do this,can you get any no fee for free ? low disk space is all keeps flashing up

  Technotiger 19:03 02 Nov 2008

For a start, if XP right-click on the desktop and then hover over Arrange icons by - then click on Run Desktop Cleanup Wizard.

  tullie 19:04 02 Nov 2008

Try CCleaner for starters,run as it comes in default.

  LEEDASH 19:07 02 Nov 2008


  DieSse 19:08 02 Nov 2008

Many people here recommend CCleaner - personally I use Wise cleaners (separate Disk Cleaner and Registry Cleaner)

click here

click here


- uninstall any programs you don't use

- set your internet browser(s) to delete their temporary files when you close them

- manually look through the contents of your C drive and delete any clearly left over stuff you can identify

- consider transferring media files to CD or DVD

  DieSse 19:09 02 Nov 2008


- look at reducing the restore space to a lower percentage of the drive.

  LEEDASH 19:30 02 Nov 2008

Ive just run ccleaner any more i can do ? some one said transfer programms to d drive ?

  Technotiger 19:56 02 Nov 2008

If D drive is an external drive - yes, that would be ok to transfer some stuff to, but not if it is on the same hard drive that you are trying to clean up.

  tullie 20:10 02 Nov 2008

Wont the computer look for the installed programme on the original drive?

  Technotiger 20:20 02 Nov 2008

Yes. So obviously you would not move that. But you did not make it clear that Drive D was a separate drive - it could have been simply a Partition on the main drive. You could move your Music/Pictures etc to the external drive.

  DieSse 20:22 02 Nov 2008

"Wont the computer look for the installed programme on the original drive?"

Yes - you need special software to transfer programs - or uninstall them and re-install on the D drive.

Much easier to transfer your "My Documents" folder

Right click on it, choose Properties, and follow a wiard to relocate it. Easily managed and no risk of "lost" files or sub-folders.

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