email please..thanks

  bof:) 09:27 24 Aug 2006

hi all, for two days now I've been unable to access my emails. When using outlook express I get a message saying:

'the host could not be found.....error number 0x800CCCOD'

I've checked and rechecked the settings at tools/accounts/mail/default/properties and they are the same as they have alwyas been.

I can access other none classicfm email accounts.

All virus checkers/spyware stoppers etc uptodate and scanned.

I've tried to find the website for classicfm emails to see if there's a problem their end but found only pleople with email address'.

All help greatly appreciated and acted upon,


  SANTOS7 10:02 24 Aug 2006

0x800CCC0D CANT_FIND_HOST Cannot locate server.
error message relates ti this so it may be down to your ISP.

  al224 10:04 24 Aug 2006

try and call your isp and they can help.

hav u used your account recently?

if u havent they may have cut off your email account

  bof:) 10:28 24 Aug 2006

Hi SANTOS7, I check the account everyday and use it to send emails on a regular basis. Account has now been unaccessable for the last 2 days.

ISP is NTL who I've used successfully for years. I'll ring their tech support and see if they are aware of any problems.

Rung NTL they say if I can access all other sites/emails it is the account that is corrupt. I have to contact the people who deal with the account and ask them to reset it.

The problem with that is because I've had this acount since classicfm initiated them I have no idea now who oversee's it.

I've googled for the classicfm email website, but all I get are pages of companies/people with classicfm email accounts.

any idea on how to trace who is now dealing with my account?


  bof:) 10:29 24 Aug 2006

Hi al224, sorry I read your posting as part of SANTOS7'S.....must get these glasses


  SANTOS7 10:35 24 Aug 2006

click here
only thing i can suggest is try the "Contact us" link from here, post your question related to your problem, they ,i am sure will point you in the right direction..

  bof:) 11:16 24 Aug 2006

Hi SANTOS7, I've rung the Classicfm radio station and was put through to a very nice newzealand lady who says she's been getting calls about this all day.

It seems that Classicfm sent an email out about 3 years ago notifying all users tha the service was closing.

But for unknown reasons some accounts were left open, this has now ceased. So it appears I've lost my first ever email address :-(

Never mind.

Thanks everyone for their help,


  Eastender 11:53 24 Aug 2006

What ISP is shown in Tools > Accounts > Mail > Properties > Servers > Incoming mail (POP3) ?

  bof:) 14:43 24 Aug 2006

Hi Eastender can I ask why if the service has closed down?


  Eastender 21:56 24 Aug 2006

There have been some hints around the web that was controlled by but as you say if it's been closed down, why bother.

  bof:) 17:10 25 Aug 2006

Hi Eastender, yes as I understand it Breathe did oversee the running of the classicfm email server.

I asked why you wanted the ISP because I was wondering what your thoughts where and how knowing the ISP would help.

I apologise if you thought I was being picky.


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