CL2.5 and CL3 memory..whats the difference

  jay.p 00:01 07 Jan 2007

thinkink of replacing a pc3200 256mb memory stick with a 1gb pc3200 so that i have 2gb of ram. i can get cl 2.5 or cl3 for my asrock k8 upgrade-vm800 board. think i have 1.5 gig of cl2.5 if i remember correctly. ( will have to take a look). what is the difference between the two and can you mix them as my mobo manual makes no reference to this. thanks

  SANTOS7 00:06 07 Jan 2007

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you can mix them but there is no point as they will only run at the slower speed..

  ed-0 00:09 07 Jan 2007

The smaller the number, the faster the memory. So CL2.5 ( class latency ) is slightly faster than CL3.0. The class latency is the number of clock cycles for the memory to transfer the data, so the difference is minimal. Go for 2.5 if your system already has 2.5.

The CL of a memory module is the same as the frequency, they work at the lowest common denominator. So if one dimm is 3.0 and the other is 2.5. the system should run at a CL of 3.0.

  ed-0 00:10 07 Jan 2007


  jay.p 00:10 07 Jan 2007

thanks guys, should have known that but i can buy my ram with peace of mind now.

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