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  Daiol 20:04 03 Oct 2010

Hi,Fitted an CISS to my epson R285 last week,Does anyone have simmilar system that can advise me the best tubing fitting.I followed the instructions that came with the system,The tube is coming from the inkcarts then underneath the slim bar near the ink carts then it fixed on the left side with enough slack for the carrige to travel the full travel from right to left,But when printing the tubing gets folded up when the inkcarts come to the full left 'looking at the printer from the front'it seems to be knocking against the outer cover and making a knocking sound.I have tried ajusting the tubing to try and resolve this knocking problem but failed.
So has anyone got this system running on a epson r285 that can assist me maybe laying the tubing in another method.
Thanks hope you can understand my meaning?

  cocteau48 22:13 03 Oct 2010

Any of these may help:click here

  cocteau48 23:18 03 Oct 2010

Upon reflection,and I have had my CISS installed in my R285 for nearly two years,I am sure that I can recall mine "knocking" a bit when first installed.
It may just be a case of letting it settle in.

The return piping,from the left hand side back to the cartridge box,needs to have just a very little extra slack in it.

Certainly,after nearly two years,my micro tubing shows no sign of wear or deterioration.

  BT 07:38 04 Oct 2010

Make sure the tubing support clips arw fitted in EXACTLY the right positions. Mine had a PDF file with diagrams etc and measurements for this. Even a millimetre or so out can make a difference.

  Daiol 12:40 04 Oct 2010

cocteau48,Thanks for your info.On the matter of you having the same as me have you any tips or is there something I should be looking out,When the ink carts show up in the printer preferences should they always show full when the ink tanks are full.
And of course thanks to all who supplied the info,The youtube was good it did give me a much better plan of the tube layout.
Thanks all once again.

  Noels 14:42 04 Oct 2010

I fitted a CISS system to my Photo R800 a couple of years ago and did what I think was suggested at the time.Which was to
stick a small spacer at the front two corners of the lid. I managed to find what I believe are rubber chair leg cushions about 1/2" X 1/2"square by 3/8th inch deep. Fitting these did the trick and gave just enough clearance to stop any knocking etc.
Hope this helps.

  Daiol 14:44 04 Oct 2010

Thanks Noels,Have you any thoughts on this point-
When the ink carts show up in the printer preferences should they always show full when the ink tanks are full.

  cocteau48 16:33 04 Oct 2010


I have found that the levels which show on he printing preferences page goes down in relation to what you have printed/used - but bears no relationship to what is in your external tanks.

When a level gets so low on the preferences page that it generates a pop-up that a new cartridge is required then just follow the on screen prompts to install a new cartridge - just releasing your CISS cartridge block (no need to take it out completely) and re-seating it again should be enough to "con the software" that a new cart has been fitted and all levels should be restored to full again on the preferences page.

My system recommends that you do not let the external tanks drop below 1cm.
On mine the top of the colour indicator sticker on the actual tank is set at approx 1cm as a guide.
I have just refilled mine for the first time in thirteen months. The refill bottles are so r1diculously cheap - I paid under £9.00 for six 100ml bottles - it is well worth buying in a set well in advance of when you may need them.
Hope this helps.

  BT 17:07 04 Oct 2010

On my JRInkjet system the cartridge level indication drops as with normal cartridges. When it reaches a low level in any one of them it prompts for a new cartridge. You follow the Epson installation prompts and when the carriage comes to the cartridge change position you have to press a little white button on top of the block for a couple of seconds. The installation then proceeds as if you had installed a new one, and then they all show full again.

  Daiol 18:02 04 Oct 2010

Thanks both for the info,I think we are winning now thanks to this forum.
'cocteau48',Would it be possible for you to tell me where you get your refill ink from,As you said for under £9.00p.That would be a greater help if that is possibe please.
Many thanks all.Again.

  cocteau48 18:03 04 Oct 2010

"you have to press a little white button on top of the block for a couple of seconds."

It is possible that your system does not have such a reset facility ..... mine does not.

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