cisco linksys WAG54G2-UK "limited connectivity" er

  User-1337804 00:09 07 Jul 2009

Trying to setup a cisco linksys WAG54G2-UK for ADSL. Failing at the first step so far! Connected a Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo L1300 laptop by ethernet cable, get a "limited connectivity" problem. Connected another laptop, this time vista, get same problem.
I didnt check on the XP laptop whether an IP was assigned, would it just be otherwise?
on vista ipconfig looks very different, for IPv4 it gave an IP address but it wasnt a 192.168 local one and I had no paper on me so didn't write down what it said.
Its not at my house so just want some ideas before I go round again as I'll probably spend a while there.

Next steps I was going to try are
-disabling firewalls and antivirus software, though I can't imagine this will make much difference
-booting from Ubuntu USB/live CD and seeing what happens
-taking round a known working ethernet cable
-take round another ADSL router! then i can bring this dodgy cisco linksys one home and do some proper testing

Thanks for reading, any suggestions much appreciated,
Dan Gent

  mgmcc 07:43 07 Jul 2009

Getting a "Limited or No Connectivity" indication means that the network adapter has failed to get its IP address from a DHCP server (the Router) and Windows has defaulted to allocating a "169.254" APIPA address (Automatic Private IP Addressing). This won't let you connect to the router or the internet, although file sharing over a LAN is possible with APIPA addresses.

Go into the router's settings and check that its DHCP server is enabled. To do this, connect to it by ethernet cable, give your network adapter a fixed address in the same subnet as the router (e.g. with Subnet Mask and then type the routers IP address of into your web browser.

[To revert to automatic IP addressing, set *BOTH* the IP and DNS sections back to getting their addresses automatically.]

  User-1337804 10:48 07 Jul 2009

Thats a really good reply thanks. Just been reading up on APIPA, never realised about that before!
that makes sense now why it was getting an IP address. I'll do as you said and get back to you.

Dan Gent

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