Cine Film to DVD

  Ancient Learner 12:13 20 Sep 2005

I have discovered a whole load of film from way back and was wondering if it could be converted to DVD.

Does anyone have any experience of this. I rather imagine that it wlll be not cheap to do, but about how much is the cost likely to be?

  Audeal 12:25 20 Sep 2005

The cheapest way to do it is to have your film transfered onto Video first then you will need a capture card to put it onto you hard drive from the video then burn it onto DVD.

If you have a cine projector then you could do the copying onto video yourself, thereby saving that expense. I have just (only yesterday) given my Projector to charity. (What a pity I didnt know you might want it).

  Ancient Learner 12:36 20 Sep 2005

By tranfering to Vidio, do I take it that you mean, project the film and take a Vidio of that. What is the quality like as the screen must have some impact here.

The 'capture' card. Sorry, but what is that please.

And how do you get the vidio to the PC, premumably via this 'capture' card, but what do you connect to what and how?

  stlucia 12:56 20 Sep 2005

I have used a company in Norfolk click here to transfer old 8mm cine film into digital format. Their cheapest service is to digitise it and put it onto mini DV tape, which you can then put into your digital movie camera (if you have one) and transfer into your PC via a cable and a capture card (usually a firewire card) or a USB2 connection, depending on the camera you've got. Cost of that is £12 per hour.

They can also, for a small extra charge, put it onto a DVD for you, so that you can load it into your PC that way, or play it direct on your domestic TV.

The advantage of putting it into your PC is that, with suitable software, you can then edit it, cut scenes, add a soundtrack, etc. before burning it onto a DVD or CD.

Even cheaper is simply to transfer the cine to VHS tape -- they do that for £5 per hour, and you can then transfer it to DVD if you've got a domestic DVD recorder to connect to your video player. No PC involved, but editability and quality are less than going via a PC.

  carper 14:01 20 Sep 2005

I have done this quite successfully using a Sony telecine adaptor which I picked up on E-Bay for £20. Using this you can get a reasonable copy on a camcorder and then do what you like with them on your computer. You do of course need a projector. I have also had reasonable results just copying from a projector screen. The thing you have to watch with either system is the shutter effect.Some that I had copied professionally were very expensive and the quality was not much better than my efforts. None of it is as good of course as camcorder results. Hope this helps. Carper

  pj123 14:36 20 Sep 2005

Also check out here:

click here

  Ancient Learner 14:55 20 Sep 2005

Thank you all very much. You are truly amazing with the information you provide at such speed.

I had no idea where to start some 3 hours ago. Now I do.

Incidentally the site seems to be playing up again. Errors all over the place. Perhaps it is only a temporary glitch.

  Bagsey 17:35 20 Sep 2005

I have copied cine using a home made tranfer box and a mirror.
The box had two openings, one for the projector, the other for the video camera. Project the cine onto a mirror set at 45 degrees the image is then captured by the video camera. Mine was a wooden structure but a cardboard box will do just as well. The only trouble I had was getting the zoom on the projector set as required then the zoom on the video camera likewise positioned a little bit of trial and error soon sorted that out.

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