CiD: Annoying Problem

  Aargh 09:05 19 Mar 2007

Has anyone had a problem with an application called CiD: which loads popup ads in IE?

It loads at random when IE is open, and task manager shows it as a separate application when IE is closed. It takes the form of a popup window.

I have taken the following action to no avail:

Unsinstall/reinstall IE7 and reset both IE7 & IE6 back to default settings (it occurs in both)

Turned on popup blocker in IE & Norton

Each site that is loaded in a popup has been added as a blocked site - (now I just get an empty popup window!)

Thorough CCleaner session

Thorough Adaware session

Thorough Spybot Session

Full AV scan.

I can find no trace of the root software to delete this annoying little bug, and I've found no reference to it anywhere.

Ideas appreciated.

  MAJ 09:27 19 Mar 2007

This thread might help. click here

  Aargh 19:39 21 Mar 2007


Thanks for the advice - NoLop found an 'infected' file that Norton, Adaware, Spybot & CCleaner were all happy with.

  MAJ 19:51 21 Mar 2007

Has removing it cured the CiD problem, Aargh?

  Aargh 19:52 22 Mar 2007


It was an interesting problem - CCleaner & spyware action on my profile seemed to clear the problem for me, but it was persistent in my sons profile - obviously down to something he had downloaded.

NoLop found something that the usual cleaners didn't, but I couldn't link the 'infected' file to the CiD popups. In the end I saved his few important files and deleted his windows account and reinstated him with a new one. Problem is solved, but to be honest I still have no real idea as exactly where the 'infection' was.

  Emyr-331872 08:05 05 Apr 2007

The problem lies within the Messenger Live Plus download, and usually its when kids download this as they are not reading the options before hitting the "go" button. ( I know because it happened in our house!). It clearly stated that it is going to load a program called Cid adware IF this box is not checked to opt out. To cure, uninstall the software, reinstall it opting OUT of installing CiD. You know it is going to work if you are asked to type in a code copied from a generated image. Reboot between each stage. It definately works.

  TRICKY 11:52 02 Jun 2007

Apology for opening this one up again. I have followed the link from MAJ. Still getting the pop ups. I even have McAfee installed. I have checked out SMOKEY's comment. Have checked but cannot find Messenger Live Plus on my syste.

Anyone have any new ideas? Desperate to get rid of these annoying things.

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