Chrome - password probs - State Pension Forecast

  Batch 11:33 29 Mar 2011

This is a strange issue. Haven't done any digging yet.

I wanted to get an up to date State Pension Forecast and so, using Chrome, I went to the relevant page: click here and followed the links to log in using my existing details.

I entered the User ID, but when I tried to enter the password, only certain characters were being accepted (and so the mask was only advancing for the acceptable characters).

Upon investigation, it seems that Chrome isn't accepting the letters p thru z. a to o and numerics digits were fine.

I established that the issue relates to Chrome as IE works fine.

Anyone got any ideas at all?

  Batch 12:11 29 Mar 2011

BTW, if I type the password into Notepad and then cut and paste into Chrome it works OK.

  CFC23 12:22 29 Mar 2011

Not much help to you but I get a similar problem when typing words in the feedback section on Ebay.
This is using Firefox,not tried in Chrome, and like you had to cut and paste.

I would also be interested to read any ideas as to why this happens.

  Batch 15:45 29 Mar 2011

Although the symptoms don't really suggest malware, as a precaution, have scanned PC with Avast, Malwarebytes, SuperAntiSpyware and SpyBot S&D. Nothing found.

Have also tried on another PC and got exactly the same symptoms.

Also tried other sites where a masked password is required and these are OK. So seems to be a conflict between Chrome and the State Pension Forecast service.

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