Christmas flashing lights... 23:32 14 Dec 2006

I just thought I would pass this on, but have not experienced this problem myself. A lady on my forum had PC trouble last year and blamed her ISP. She changed services, but the same thing happened this year. After seeking technical help the prblem was cured. This is her posting. Whether it was coincidence or not I don't know but she swears the PC is OK when the lights are off!

"If you have ADSL and you have Christmas lights that flash, you may end up with an intermittent ADSL connection. Therefore if you have any ADSL problems, the first thing to try is switching off your Christmas lights. The problems are generally linked to lights that flash, since these are more prone to generating RF interference that can affect ADSL. In theory CE marked light sets should be OK, but there is the chance of grey imports which may not actually meet all the European standards.
To avoid problems, it is generally best if you keep wiring for your Christmas lights away from the telephone wiring, and avoid running the cables parallel to each other."

  bluto1 23:42 14 Dec 2006

I`ve got flashing Christmas lights and no problems with my ADSL. 23:44 14 Dec 2006

I didn't mean it was going to happen to everyone, but if anyone does get trouble over Christmas, check the lights.

  Stuartli 00:02 15 Dec 2006


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